Latia is to be the Latin language reimagined-- the rules of Ancient Latin are simplified and made easier to learn, while adding new verbs and nouns unused in most languages.



Latina Nova Alphabet

Letter A B/V C D E F G H
Name ā bē/vē ē ef
Pronunciation (IPA) /aː/ /beː/-/vē/ /ke:/ /deː/ /eː/ /ef/ /geː/ /haː/
Letter I K L M N O P Q
Name ī el em en ō
Pronunciation (IPA) /iː/ /kaː/ /el/ /em/ /en/ /oː/ /peː/ /kʷuː/
Letter R S T U X Y Z
Name er es ū ex ī Graeca zēta
Pronunciation (IPA) /er/ /es/ /teː/ /uː/ /eks/ /iː ˈgraika/ /ˈzeːta/

Basic Grammar

There are three Cases in Latia, unlike the old six Cases of Classical Latin:—

Nominative, Case of Subject and Address;
Genitive, Objective with of, or Possessive;
Accusative, Case of Direct Object.

There are five declensions in Latia, but they are simplified and share a common pattern.

First ā -ae
Second ŏ
Third ĭ / Some consonant -īs
Fourth ŭ -ūs
Fifth ē -ēī / -ĕī

Don't let these declensions confuse you! Latia is quite simple in declensions, and once you start declining nouns and such, it comes quite easily

Basic endings in the various declensionsEdit

Case 1 f. 2 m. 2 n. 3 mf 3 n. 4 m. 4 n. 5 f.
Nom/Voc -a -us -um -us -u -es
Genitive -ae -i -i -is -is -us -us -ei
Accusative -am -um -um -em -um -u -em
Case 1 f. 2 m. 2 n. 3 mf 3 n. 4 m. 4 n. 5 f.
Nom/Voc -ae -i -a -es -a -us -ua -es
Genitive -arum -orum -orum -um -um -uum -uum -erum
Accusative -as -os -a -es -a -us -ua -es


Basic Tense Endings


-s -tis
-t -nt
Basic Passive Endings
-r -mur
-ris -minî
-tur -ntur

Perfect Active Endings
-istī -istis
-it -ērunt
Pronoun Translation by Person and Number
Singular Plural
1st I we
2nd you you (all)
3rd he/she/it they
Future Active Tense Formation
1st and 2nd Conjugations 3rd and 4th Conjugations
-bō -bimus -am -ēmus
-bis -bitis -ēs -ētis
-bit -bunt -et -ent
Future Tense of sum
erō erimus
eris eritis
erit erunt
Imperfect Active Tense Formation
-bam -bāmus
-bās -bātis
-bat -bant
Imperfect Tense of sum
eram erāmus
erās erātis
erat erant



Example text...Edit

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