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Emmut language
Ral'ęmyt syr'atkan
Writing systems: Latin, Neo-emmut script
In real life
Created by: Milya0 in 2009
Reason: artistic
In the Pears in the Willows conworld
Used in: Ral'ettoh
Other regions: Baucasia, Khomonto
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Some words written in Neo-emmut script


Flag of Ral'ettoh is an unoficial logo of Emmut language.

Emmut language (from ęmyt - 'associated with being') - a polysynthetical language used by Eths in the Pears in the Willows conworld.


Emmut is polysynthetic: some words in a sentence are combining to one polysynthesed word. If there are no adjuncts on the subject, it can be optionally combined.


  • subject (if not polysynthesed) - Nominative case
  • personal adverbials - Postpositive cases
  • polysynthesed word
    • adjunct of object - Genitive case
    • object - Genitive case
    • predicative - Formal case
    • verb endings
    • polysynthesed subject
  • impersonal adverbials - Postpositive cases

Naming a personal adverbial at the end of the sentence indicates contempt. In official documents it is used only for Nommip hamsters.


Questions are formed by intonation. There are no special particles or inversion. At the end of a sentence can be used ker? (Isn't it? Doesn't it?) or sar? (Is it? Does it?) for emphasis


In case of negation, the suffix kiś- is added to predicative. If there are pronouns, negated forms of them aren't used.


Cardinal numerals:

  1. keh
  2. guh
  3. kekuh
  4. ryh
  5. mikan
  6. śoh
  7. keśoh
  8. veh
  9. keveh
  10. mah
  11. kemah
  12. majguh
  13. kemajguh
  14. majryh
  15. kemajryh
  16. majśoh
  17. kemajśoh
  18. majveh
  19. kemajveh
  20. gųmah
  21. gųmah keh
  22. gųmah guh
  23. gųmah kekuh
  24. gųmah ryh
  25. mikmikan

For numbers: 2-4, 6-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, ordinal numerals are formed by replacing -h with -tot, and multiplying prefixes: with -w̃ (ogonek or tilde). Multiples of 10 and 100 are formed by multiplying prefixes. Multiples of 10 000, 1 000 000 and more - by describing.

Irregular numerals[]

Number Cardinal
0 ah
1 keh ekmyt
5 mikan mikantot mik-
25 mikmikan mikmikantot mikmik-
100 sit sįmyt sit-
1000 mąsit mąsįmyt mąsit-
10 000 zot zotǫmyt zot-
1 000 000 milzun

Numbers 5, 25, 100 (from 125) i 10 000 (from 3125) are relicts of a quinary numeral system.