'Iperia is a country situated in real-world south-eastern Italy (i.e. Apulia), with its capital on the real-world Lago di Lesina, which in the conworld is known as the Lake of 'Iperium ('Ip. Laca 'Iperiä). Her empire extends from Tyrol in the north to Sicily in the south (known as Tirola and Sicilia in 'Iperiana), and includes real-world Bulgaria, Thrace, Istanbul, and north-western Turkey, as well as Albania, Montenegro, Ionia and Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece.


In the map to the bottom, the Henean empire and her growth is depicted. The acquirements are numbered in order. The Henean Empire overseas is even larger than the one in Europe. Also, Tirola was handed over to Austria rather early in Henea's history. The only reason Henea is still a term used to refer to 'Iperia is because Henea had conquered Savoy and her African colonies.

Henean Empire



The city of Hyperium had existed since the golden age of the Byzantine empire. When the empire lost control of her Italian lands, Hyperium immediately grew into a powerful city-state. Other city-states, such as Brindisium, united with her to form the most powerful and most strategically placed nation in Italy (due to her position at the end of the Adriatic sea). She eventually sent a navy force to conquer Albania, Montenegro and her Greek states to secure her position. Tyrol, who had some strong trading partners outside the Adriatic, decided to unite with Hyperium so that she could have more trading benifits.