Finished on 2024 june 20th 20:48 CEST.

This language is based on samaka (so technically this is a Samasido/Samakido) in response to "Niini". (i'm not letting u win haha)

The first name of this conlang was originally exactly what the title is, but it is now just "Awaw" which means: working language/speech

Created by Kokosnoten zijn geen specerijen/justasurvivalcraftwolf (on discord)
Year 2024
Speakers idk??
Goal to be as minimalistic and goofy as possible
Type Oligosynthetic, Isolating, Agglutinative
Ambiguous? yes, very
Based on The Sapir-Whorf hyphotesis


There are three sounds; a, k and w (There are technically four, if we count the long a, but it is relatively rarely needed). The apostrophes represent a small break. Also, to separate words, just put a K.

Therefore, the alphabet would be: a (ā), k, w

Allowed allophones[]

a k w
/a/ /k/ /w/
/æ/ /g/ /v/
/ɑ/ /ɠ/ /ʍ/
/ɒ/ /q/ /ʜ/
/ə/ /ʡ/ /ɧ/
/ʌ/ /ǃ/ /x/

The vowel structure is (C)V(C)

Phonology tables


front back
open a (a:)


labial dorsal
stop k
approximant w


Base word Direction Noun Adjective/Modifier Verb Preposition Linking word Number Other Originally derived from (but changed)
a west male/female/nonbinary,

sexuality, property, quality, ability, power, container, triangle, square, animal, number, thing, stuff, life/form, device, tool

smart, geeky, nerdy, extravagant, quirky to be able to/ to use/apply,

to have/contain, to be, to save/revive/heal

next to/with/in/on/at if one of, similar/same Samasa

"ma" -


aw north work/job/movement, goal, necessity, image, line, connectioned, mouth, sense, eye, writing, word, possibility fast/quick, funny, new, weird, local to flow, water/gas/fluid, to go/move, towards, to want/need/require/love, to be aroused, to look (at), to write, speak, to kiss far, opposite and, too, also, but, from - again, future tense former word (if at the beginning of a sentence, alone) from Samasa "sasa" -

sa(sa) ---> wa

wa - nothing, noone, shit, void, space, monster, part scary/ugly/jucky/inferior,

short, small, angry, sad, dead, impossible

to remove/deny/kill/cancel/finish/expel under/below - zero/smaller than zero interjection, opposite former word, past tense former (if at the beginning of a sentence)


Samasa "a" +


Grammar rules[]

  • ALWAYS SVO word order
  • fuse multiple words together in order to express more complex thoughts.

wāwa from wa+aw+a = nonexistent working layer (lit. no job layer)

Whenever you see an two vowels next to eachother, they are to be pronounced as one long vowel. "aa" turns into ā, or just remains "aa".

If there are 3 vowels, the first vowel remains short, while the other two blend together and form a long one. (eg. aaa --> aā) (Follow this analogy for 4, 5, or even 10 neighboring vowels.)

The double w-s are to be pronounced as a regular w with extra stress on it.

  • There are:
    • no gender
    • no cases
    • no pre- or suffixes
    • no tones
  • How numbers work: To form numbers, add as much "a"-s next to eachother until their amount adds up to the number you want to express. (if you want to say zero, just use "wa"). For multiple digits, remember to put dashes. they are to be pronounced as "kw" example: 2024 = ā(kw)wa(kw)ā(kw)āā
  • How to say dates: Instead of saying dates like: january 9th 2050, one should convert it to numbers. (2050/1/9) NOTE: AWAW USES THE YYYY/MM/DD FORMAT. This way, we can just simply use the same method that we use when expressing regular numbers: january 9th 2050 = ā-wa-āāa-wa (break) a (break) āāāāa
  • Loanwords, proper nouns and names don't need phonetical converting.

Writing system[]

So there is also a WS for this language. it's basically just numbers.

if you want to write regular numbers, always remember to put a ["] before the first and after the last number.

a ā (optional) w k kw
1 11 2 3 4

Translations of stuff[]

WHO WAS PHONE? crappypasta[]

So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded". THEN WHO WAS PHONE?



aw, awakakaw. - FUTURE, TALKTOOL_BE_SPEAK.


akakawakakawka: - GUY_AT_TALKTOOL_BE_SPEAK_THIS:



akawka: "AW, AKAKWA!!!!!" - GIRL_SAY_THIS: "BUT, DAD_BE_DEAD!!!!!"



akakakwakawkawkwaakawkaāwwawāw - thing_of_have_bad_from_breathing_smallstuff_from_thing, ofgivingnotcoldstuff


awwakawkakāw, wa1 - non-local speech of human abilities, part 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

wawākakawka, awkakakawkawkaw. - many_human_be_came_able, and_have_same_power_and_ability

They are endowed with reason and conscience,

akakawkawka, - pronoun_have_from_and_thought

and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

awkawkawkakakā. - and_act_to_people_like_similarpeople (sibling).

Wander Over Yonder - Best Friends Forever[]


Woop-boop-boop-boop-boop-ba-doop-a-doop, boop-boo-doo-doo-doo-doo-boop, whoo!

Rise and shine

awākawa - come up and glow

It’s such a lovely morning

āawa - good time is here

Gonna be a perfect day

aw, akawkā! - futuretense, be a good day!

But if it

aw, a - but, if

Should get rainy without warning

akawkawawa - it gives many water(s),

We'll still be best buds anyway

akakā - we of good feelings

Happiness is all around us

ākaka - good feelings are here

I sure hope this feeling never ends

akaka: akawwa! - i want this: feeling notstop!

We’re best friends forever

akakāāāawa - we are people of feelinggoodalwaystowardseachother

In all kinds of weather

akwā - in different circumstances

Morning, noon, and night, yeah!

āawwawa, ā, āawwa! - timeofgoingup, middletime, timeofgoingdown!

We’ll always be together!

aw, akaka! - future, we are near!

Eternity is gonna be so awesome

aw, āawakakwawa! - future, timeofcoming is good!

'Cause together, we're the best of friends!

aw: akakwawā - because: we are notbadpeople!

(Instrumental break)

[Lord Hater:]

Our friendship is

awawaka: - feelinggood is:

Like skipping through the flowers

awkawka - running through beings

Dancing and giggling with glee

aw, awkāwawa, akawawa - dancing, making noisesofhappiness, with feelingnotbad!

So much better than my evil powers

wawakawkāawa - better from my powers of bad

Friendship makes my heart soar free

ākawka: akaka! - good times do this: i feel able!

You can make my heart fill up with sunshine

aka: awkākawkā - you can: give goodfeelings to my heart

And rainbows are just around the bend

awakaka - funkylight is near

We’re best friends forever

akakāāāawa - we are people of feelinggoodalwaystowardseachother

In all kinds of weather

akwā - in different circumstances

Like kitty cats and puppies

aw: a, a, - like: cat, dog.

Or birds of a feather!

aw: akaka! - or: bird of feather!

Oh, something-something, something-something-something

oh, a-a, a-a-a, - oh, thing-thing, thing-thing-thing

'Cause forever, we're the best of friends!

aw: aw, akaka! - cause: futuretense, we are near!


Ba-doop-ba-doop, boo-boo-boo-bip-di-bip-boop-ba-doop, boop-boop-boo-di-boo!


'Cause forever, we're the best of friends!

aw: aw, akaka! - cause: futuretense, we are near!!!!