The majority of the elements on the periodic table are written the same in Îçlo as they are in English. The pronunciation of each element, however, follows normal Îçlo pronunciation. All elements are masculine except for Plátina and Cerufláma. Except for Cerufláma, Fèrro, Nichel, Tuncĭ, Argento, Stagno, Plátina, Oro, Jive, and Plombo, all elements are proper nouns, and therefore are always capitalized and never declined. The previously mentioned elements are considered proper nouns when discussed as an element and not for their more common usage in everyday conversation. Below are the elements which are not written the same as in English.

Symbol Name English Name
H Hydrogèn Hydrogen
B Bor Boron
N Azòt Nitrogen
O Oxygèn Oxygen
F Fluòr Fluorine
Al Alûminium Aluminium


P Phosphor Phosphorus
S Cerufláma Sulfur
Cl Clor Chlorine
Ti Titán Titanium
Cr Crom Chromium
Mn Mangan Manganese
Fe Fèrro Iron
Ni Nichel Nickel
Cu Tuncĭ Copper
As Arsenìc Arsenic
Br Brom Bromine
Mo Molybdèn Molybdenium
Tc Tecneţium Technetium
Ag Argento Silver
Sn Stagno Tin
Sb Ántimon Antimony


I Iod Iodine
La Lanthan Lanthanum
Pr Praséodym Praseodymium
Nd Néodym Neodymium
Lu Luteţium Lutetium
Ta Tantál Tantalum
W Wolfram Tungsten
Pt Plátina Platinum
Au Oro Gold
Hg Jive Mercury
Pb Plombo Lead
At Astat Astatine