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Ērəbe Term Role

Ērəbe Term

oom thought | "umm..." oom-oom filler | "blah blah; etc."
-dē?* vocal "?" -dō!** vocal "!"
tää realize/understand | "oh..."
re- opposite | "un-; dis-" -rä possessive | "-'s"
-ere past tense | "-ed"
te-*** similar/synonym -ete**** future tense
-tet pluralization | "-s; -es; -ies"
-äv change word to noun/name -ēv change word to adverb
-āv change word to verb
-ev change word to adjective v- splitting vowel words


  • * Similar to Japanese "desu ka."
  • ** Similar to Japanese "desu nee." (Emphasis)
  • *** Words using "t(e)-" are either the next step or a side step. (Ō [no, not] turns to [none, zero].)
  • **** Used instead of saying the word Te [can, shall, will].


Ērəbe Word English Translation Ērəbe Word English Translation
ä I, me ō no, not
ā you oo and, too
e am, are, is i from, in
ē a, it, the ə old, past, last