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Уaцин is a fusional, a priori, nominative-accusatively aligned language, and its head direction is initial. This language is meant to be spoken only by dryads, along with their translators, so that they may talk to any faerie-kind or maybe humans, and other races. It has been spoken for hundreds of millennia and is derived from Уaжeнэ.

A Brief History of the Dryads[]

The dryads of Southern Уaциэ had a long journey to central Hypэжэ from their home. Since they are dryads, they naturally cling to their home: trees. They would have to find a larger home for their growing population of Oak and Elder trees. Because of their incredibly long prevalency in the world, they migrated while they still had the chance in their evolving planet; the continents were shifting, so they spread their community across north-eastern america, down to central america, and even further towards the foresty majesty of south america we now call Hypэжэ. The dryadian people have been settled in these places since the beginnings of their realm. They are known to be one of the oldest races of the known world.