Type Fusional ollisynthetic
Alignment Entirely ergative
Head direction Unknown
Tonal Yes
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders 100+
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 4%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 17%
Words 0 of 1000
Creator [[User:|]]

114lang is short for Centaquadradecalang, which is a conlang created by Isaac T in 2021 and is heavily, very heavily, emphisis on heavily, still under development. It is designed to be as absurd as possible, with some of the weirdest things possible.



Centaquadradecalang's name implies the number of consonants it has: 114. None of them are clicks. This is not too far-fetched from Ubykh's 80-some odd consonants, so it's plausible. Although, initially, it was missed-counted as 158, way off. Anyway, they are:

Labial Alveolar Palatal Dorsal Radix Glottal
Dental Ridge Palatal Lamial Ridge Palate Velar Uvular Pharyx Aryepiglottis
Stop Voiceless p t ʈ c k q ʡ ʔ
Voiceless Asperated ph h th h ʈh ch kh qh
Voiced b d ɖ ɟ g
Ejective p' t̪' t' t̠' ʈ' c' k' q'
Nasal m n ɳ ɲ ŋ
Affricate Voiceless p͡f t̪θ tθ̠ k͡x
Voiced b͡v d̪ð dð̠ ɟʝ
Voiceless Sibalent t͡s t͡ʃ ʈʂ t͡ɕ
Voiced Sibalent d͡z d͡ʒ
Ejective p͡f' t̪θ' t͡s' t͡ʃ' t͡ɕ' cç' k͡x'
Fricative Voiceless f θ θ̠ ç x χ ħ h
Voiceless Asperated fh θh θ̠h xh
Voiced v ð ð̠ ʝ ɣ


s ʃ ʂ ɕ


z ʒ ʐ
Ejective f' θ' θ̠' x'
Ejective Sibalent s̪' s' ʃ' ɕ'
Lateral Approximant l ɭ ʟ
Fricative ɬ̪ ɬ ɬ̠
Ejective ɬ̪' ɬ'
Approximant Liquid ʋ r ɽ
Semivowel w j w

There are also 5 harmonies:

Labial Stop-Fricative Harmony (No known natlang has this...)

Dental-Alveolar Stop-Fricative Harmony

Coranal-Dorsal Sibalent Harmony

Trianglular Dorsal Harmony

Lateral-Rhotic Harmony


There are 30 vowels in Centaquadradecalang, quite a lot, but still definitly under the 55-some odd vowels of some Malaysian languages,

Close Central Back
Close i ï ï̠ ɯ
y ü ü̠ u
ɪ ɪï
ʏ ʊü ʊ
Close-Mid e ë ɤ
ø ɵ o
Open-Mid ɜ ʌ
œ ɞ ɔ
Open a ä ɑ

The 2 harmonies both use back-rounding harmony, but apply to the high and low vowels.

All harmoney, both consonants and vowels, spread from the affixes outward.

The orthogrophy though...


The consonant romanization is, well, okay:

Labial Alveolar Palatal Dorsal Radix Larengyal
Dental Ridge Palatal Lamial Ridge Palate Velar Uvular Pharyx Aryepiglottis
Stop Voiceless p tth t tt ttr c k q ʡ ʔ
Voiceless Asperated ph tthh th tth ttrh ch kh qh
Voiced b ddh d dd dlr gj g
Ejective p' tth' t' tt' ttr' c' k' q'
Nasal m nth n nvr nj ŋ
Affricate Voiceless pf tthθ ttθ kx qx
Voiced bv ddhð ddð gjggj
Voiceless Sibalent ts tsh tsslvr tj
Voiced Sibalent dz dzh
Ejective pf' tthθ' ts' tsh' tj' cç' kx'
Fricative Voiceless f θ ç x xq hh h
Voiceless Asperated fh θh tθh xh
Voiced v ð ggj gg


sth s sh srvr sj
Voiced Sibalent zdh z zh zzlvfr
Ejective f' θ' tθ' x'
Ejective Sibalent sth' s' sh' sj'
Lateral Approximant lth l ll ljvvfr lx
Fricative shlth shl shll
Ejective shlth' shl'
Approximant Liquid wv r rr rrxgr
Semivowel w vw j w

The vowels though, are NONSESICAL:

Close Central Back
Close i ï ee io
y ü ue u
ie ïe
yu eu
Close-Mid e ë ao
eao ae o
Open-Mid eo ua
œ ea oa
Open a ä au


There are none, because this language was made with the express purpose of trying to be the dumbest conlang that ever existed.