"a letren" is a conlang created by Jude Kennedy. It is language aiming to be relatively simple to learn.

a letren
a letren
Type artlang
Head direction
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations No
Genders No
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words ? of 1500
Creator JudeKennedy

Classification and Dialects[edit | edit source]

"a letren" is currently just spoken by the creator - Jude Kennedy

Phonology[edit | edit source]

Consonants[edit | edit source]

Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n g k
Plosive p b t d ʔ
Fricative f v θ s z χ h
Affricate d͡ʒ
Approximant ɹ j w
Lateral app. l

Vowels[edit | edit source]

Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close i ʉ
Near-close ɪ ʊ
Open-mid ɛ
Open a ɒ

Phonotactics[edit | edit source]

Vowels may be pronounced as the speaker sees fitting.

Writing System[edit | edit source]

Letter a e ë i ï o ö u b p m n
Sound a ɛ i ɪ i ɒ ʉ ʊ b p m n
Letter g k t d f v þ s z y w l
Sound g k t d f v θ s z j w l
Letter r j ħ ' h
Sound ɹ d͡ʒ χ ʔ h

Grammar[edit | edit source]

Nouns[edit | edit source]

Nouns only have 2 forms; singular and plural. Typically, the plural form is generated by adding an "e", "n" or "en" to the end of the noun.

Verbs[edit | edit source]

Verbs do not get conjugated, instead, particles determine tense.

Syntax: Word Order[edit | edit source]

Word order is SOV, where the verb always comes in 3rd position. Time phrases come after the verb.

Lexicon[edit | edit source]

Adjectives[edit | edit source]

a letren word english translation

Pronouns[edit | edit source]



Example text[edit | edit source]

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