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Info[edit | edit source]

Aatan is a language I'm creating because, well, I'm not that sure to be honest.

It's phonology is based on Thai and it uses Burmese letters.

The word 'Aatan' comes from the words 'Aht' which means speech and 'Ahn' which means home.

Here's the lexicon; click here :3

Phonology and Writing[edit | edit source]

Consonants[edit | edit source]

Aatan has 16 consonant sounds;

ဒ - Nail

မ - Turtle

ဖ - A sound between d and t

တ - Power

ထ - sPy

ရ - Fan

ဂ - Light

ဝ - Yellow

ယ - Man

ဌ - CHildren

ဋ - Sound

စ - Goat

ဆ - stroNG

န - How

ည - Kite

င - Water

  • When after a vowel, ဝ makes an 'ee' sound that blends with the vowel, like the y in the word say blends with the vowel. W does the same thing but replaces the vowel with the 'ee' sound instead of merging the two.

Vowels[edit | edit source]

Aatan only has three vowel sounds;

အ/ိ - fAther

ဪ - pUsh


☀ - sAW

  • You may have noticed that the first and last vowels have two different forms. The first form is used if it's at the start of a sentence and the second form is used if it's not. For example, the word ဖိ has the 'ah' vowel in one of its forms and the word အဂဪယ has it in its other form.

Grammar[edit | edit source]

Verbs[edit | edit source]

To change a verb depending on how you're using it is quite simple in Aatan. You add a prefix which is normally only one or two letters. Here are all the possible changes;

To _____ - ညဪ (Kah)

I _____ - ငိဖ (Wahdt)

They _____ - ဣ (Aw)

We _____ - စိဪ (Gaoo)

He _____ - ယိဂ (Mahl)

She _____ -

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