Abun or Abun Creole is a fictional language based on French. Abun is used in Haiti, Cuba, Aruba and Boinare.


The Abun Creole Alphabet is unique due to the lack of the letter e, but the letter è appears. The Abun language alphabet has the form: A,B,C,D,È,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T,W,U,X,Y,Z.


  • Un-One,
  • Du-Two,
  • Tri-Three,
  • Fin-Four,
  • Ènos-Five,
  • Sins-Six,
  • Abtan-Seven,
  • Nun-Eight,
  • Duni-Nine,
  • Rei-Ten,
  • Bonju-Hello,
  • Gun Nej- Good Bye,
  • Èmerica-America,
  • Ènglandiu-England
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