Purpose[edit | edit source]

Aenglish is supposed to be a representation of what Modern English might have looked like if the Invasion of England by William the Conqueror (1066 CE) didn't happen and French had not influenced Old English.

Phonology[edit | edit source]

Consonants[edit | edit source]

Labial Labio-Dental Dental Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasals m n (ŋ)
Stops p, b t,d k, g
Fricatives f (v) θ (ð) s ʃ ç x (ɣ)
Affricatives tʃ, dʒ
Approximants l j w
Trills r

Consonant Allophones[edit | edit source]

Notes: allophones are written in brackets(). The allophones are as following:

  • /ŋ/ is an allophone that occurs when /n/ and a velar sound are adjacent to each other (much like in Modern English).
  • /ɣ/ is an allophone of /g/ when /g/ is between two voiced vowels.
  • /ð/ and /θ/ are completely interchangeable, /θ/ is pronounced /ð/ when between two vowels or adjacent to a voiced consonant.
  • Same rules apply to /v/ which is an allophone of /f/ when between two vowels or adjacent to a voiced consonant.

Vowels[edit | edit source]

Front Back
Close [i] , [ɪ], [y] [u], [ʊ]
Mid [e], [ɛ] [o]
Open [a]


Vowel Diphthongs[edit | edit source]



Short Long
Close ɪu iu
Mid ɛo eo

Stress Rule[edit | edit source]

In Aenglish there is a consistent stress rule (much like Old English). The only exceptions were loanwords from Latin and Old Norse and etc. the rule is as follows: the first syllable is always stressed unless its a prefix in which case, the first 'non-prefixed' syllable is stressed.

Orthography[edit | edit source]

A-/ɑ/ Æ - /a/ B- /b/ C*- /k/ and /tʃ/ Ch-/ç/ Cg-/dʒ/ D- /d/ E-/ɛ/ Ē- /e/ F-/f/ and /v/ G**- /g/ and /ɣ/ H- /x/ I-/ɪ/ Ī-/i/ J-/j/ K-/k/ L - /l/ M-/m/ N-/n/ O-/o/ P-/p/ R-/r/ S-/s/ Sc- /ʃ/ and /sk/ T- /t/ Th- /θ/ and /ð/ U-/ʊ/ Ū-/u/ W-/w/ X-/ks/ Y-/y/

Spelling IPA English Notes
A /ɑ/ farm
Æ /a/ cat
B /b/ brother
C /k/ or /tʃ/ cat or child When adjacent to a, o, u or y. C is pronounced /k/. Otherwise it is usually pronounced /tʃ/
Ch /ç/ ich (German)
Cg /dʒ/ edge
D /d/ daughter
E /ɛ/ memory
Ē /e/ 1st sound in eight
F /f/ or /v/ field or heaven See the Consonant Allophones section for more information.
G /g/ or /ɣ/ goose or sagen(German) See the Consonant Allophones section for more information.
H /x/ loch
I /ɪ/ sit
Ī /i/ feet
J /j/ year
K /k/ king K is only used if C cannot be used to represent /k/
L /l/ land
M /m/ mother
N /n/ note
Ng /ŋg/ sing
Nk /ŋk/ sink
O /o/ first sound in oat
P /p/ parent
R /r/ carro (Spanish)
S /s/ same
Sc /ʃ/ or /sk/ shame or scam
T /t/ tame
Th /θ/ and /ð/ thanks or that
U /ʊ/ book
Ū /u/ flu
W /w/ wait
X /ks/ axe
Y /y/ typisch (German) Pronounced like German ü
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