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Type Agglutinative
Alignment Nominative-Accusative
Head direction Head-Initial
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders None
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 95%
Nouns 100%
Verbs 100%
Adjectives 100%
Syntax 98%
Words 48 of 1500
Creator Sgt Haleakala

Classification and DialectsEdit

It is one of the many rich and vibrant languages of the moon, Fosenə. Akəla is related to Losa.

Culture Edit

Mythology Edit

Legend has it that the language descended down from the heavens on Creation Day. It was gifted to mortals from Naləkilə, the god of languages.

Kinship Edit



Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal


m n ɲ (ŋ)
Stop Voiceless p t k ʔ
Voiced b d g
Fricative Voiceless f s (ç) x~χ h
Voiced v z
Approximant Medial w r~ɹ~ɾ j
Lateral l

/i/ turns into /j/ when there is a vowel after it.

/u/ turns into /w/ when there is a vowel after it

/nj/ turns into /ɲ/.

/n/ turns into /ŋ/ when there is a velar stop after it.

/hj/ turns into /ç/

Vowels Edit

Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e~ɛ ə o
Open a~ɑ

Diphthongs Edit

ai ɛi au eu oi


Writing SystemEdit

Uppercase Letter Lowercase Letter IPA value Pronunciation of the letter (IPA)
A a a~ɑ a~ɑ
B b b bi
D d d di
E e e~ɛ e~ɛ
Ə ə ə ə
F f f fa
G g g gi
H h h he
I i i i
K k k ka
L l


M m m mu
N n n, ŋ nu
Ñ ñ ɲ aɲa
O o o o
P p p pa
R r r~ɹ~ɾ aɹa
S s s sa
T t t ta
U u u u
V v v vi
W w w we
X x x~χ eχe
Y y j jadə
Z z z zi
ʔ oʔi


Nouns Edit


Singular Plural
Ø -s

Verbs Edit

Conjugations Edit

Singular Plural
Indicative Past subject + verb + -sa subject + verb + -sa + -s
Present subject + verb + -ru subject + verb + -ru + -s
Future subject + verb + -su subject + verb + -su + -s
Imperative subject + verb + -pa subject + verb + -pa+ -s
Example Edit
Verb: kano- to talk

Subject: 2nd person

Singular Plural
Indicative Past rakanosa raskanosas
Present rakanoru raskanorus
Future rakanosu raskanosus
Imperative rakanopa raskanopas

Adjectives Edit

Add -te to the end of the word after the case ending or verb ending.

Adverbs Edit

Add -li to the end of the root word


Singular Plural


ni nis


ra ras


si sis

Articles Edit


There aren't any supines, participles, or infinitives. Akəla word order is SVO (Subject Verb Object).


Akəla Word (the unmodified versions)

English Word

Part of Speech


Sound changes
na now Adjective
color noun

light, pale; solar

day, the star Asana orbits, light, sunlight Noun
to brighten, turn pale, shine Verb
Asana the planet that Fosenə orbits Noun
pi sky Noun
Fosenə ground, soil, the planet that the Akəli tribe live on, plant, vegetation Noun
to plant Verb
ni in/within Preposition
ke on Preposition
fa away Preposition
fu towards Preposition
nifa into Preposition
kefa onto Preposition

house, home, habitat, a dwelling

to dwell Verb


song-like Adjective
to sing Verb
tu to give, gift Verb
gift Noun


night, darkness, midnight Noun
to darken Verb
ilo time Noun

star, nightlight, moon, constellation

lunar, stellar Adjective
leso solar eclipse Noun dark star

i → Ø

l → Ø

a → Ø

da and Conjunction


tua to give sustenance Verb give sustenance h → Ø
eko to ingest Verb
prasa torso Noun
veta hair Noun
oto to smell, stink Verb
smelly Adjective
stench, odor, nose Noun
se to need Verb
a need Noun
sea hunger/thirst Noun need sustenance h → Ø
to hunger/thirst Verb


quick, fast Adjective
quickly Adverb
to hurry Verb
ela ear Noun
To listen, hear Verb

speech, mouth


to talk, converse, have a conversation




to love Verb
vo permission Noun

to allow, let, enable, give permission

ati human Noun
loli animal Noun
ka mind, head, neck, soul Noun

main, leading

to control, steer, rule, lead Verb
oko eyes Noun
to look, see Verb
ocular Adjective
fira flame Noun
to light (on fire) Verb
flammable Adjective
hasena any part of a plant that is edible Noun sustenance plant f → Ø

o → Ø

ə → a

fosa fertilizer, anything a plant needs to live Noun plant sustenance e → Ø

n → Ø

ə → Ø

h → Ø

hyero hatred Noun
to hate, despise Verb
osi person, animal, place, thing, object Noun
raxa bad, evil, foul, terrible, dirty, disgusting, corrupt, toxic, crazy, drunk, psychotic, awful, despicable, poisonous, venomous, strange, foreign, deceptive Adjective
to dirty, turn evil, corrupt, intoxicate, foul, lie, decieve Verb
evil, devil, demon, dirt, filth, pollution, disease, poison, lie, liar, venom, lunatic Noun
badly, filthily, crazily, fouly, terribly, awfully, drunkenly, venomously, deceptively Adverb
makes a word derogatory Particle
raxalo poisonous plant Noun
satə good, just, righteous Adjective
justly Adverb

good, angel

firai sunrise, sunset Noun fire sky

p → Ø

a → Ø

peno toe, foot, leg; a walk Noun
to walk Verb
maka creation Noun
to create Verb
anə finger, hand, arm Noun
lapə to sleep Verb
sleep Noun
Uka‘uka Heaven Noun above above
Pelopelo Hell Noun below below

Prepositions Edit

Akəla English What it is used for Cases it is used with Word Combination Example
Akəla English
ki in, within, inside Location Oblique
ke on, outside Location Oblique
uka above Location Oblique
pelo below Location Oblique
fu away from Movement from Oblique
kifu out of Movement from Oblique
kefu from the top of Movement from Oblique
pelofu down/down from Movement from Oblique
ukafu up from Movement from Oblique
fa towards Movement towards Oblique
kifa into Movement towards Oblique
kefa onto Movement towards Oblique
ukafa up to Movement towards Oblique
pelofa down to Movement towards Oblique
fo to, for Indirect Object Oblique
vu of Possession Oblique
ku with who/what you're with, thing used to do something Oblique

Numerals Edit

This language has a base 6 number system.

Akəla English Word Combination Sound Changes Notes
senal (base 6) decimal

(base 10

zu 0 0
ro 1 1
ta 2 2
ba 3 3
ne 4 4
le 5 5
rozu 10 6
roro 11 7
rota 12 8
roba 13 9
rone 14 10
role 15 11
tazu 20 12
taro 21 13
tata 22 14
taba 23 15
tane 24 16
tale 25 17
30 18
31 19
32 20
33 21
34 22
35 23
40 24
41 25
42 26
43 27
44 28
45 29
50 30

Body Edit

Body Parts (Akəla)

ela oko oto oko ela
anə anə
peno peno
Body Parts (translated)

Ear Eye Nose Eye Ear
Neck and/or Torso
Finger, Hand, and/or Arm Finger, Hand, and/or Arm
Leg, Foot, and/or Toe Leg, Foot, and/or Toe

Colors Edit

Akəla Transliteration English Sound Changes
sosə color (of) Sola white, yellow l → Ø

a → Ø

pisə color (of) the sky light blue, light gray
leisə color (of) night black, dark blue, dark gray
fisə color (of) fire red, orange ɹ → Ø

a → Ø

fosə color (of) Fosenə brown, gray, brownish-gray, dark brown, green

s → Ø

e → Ø

n → Ø

ə → Ø

lusə color (of) the constellatioms silver n → Ø

a → Ø

Example text Edit

Akəla Edit

Ñekoruvetasvuni. Nihyerosi da sihyeroni.

Case Translation Edit

1stPerson-Singular ingest-PresentSg hair-Plural of 1stPerson-Sg. 1stPerson-Sg hate-Present.Sg 3rdPerson-Singular and 3rdPerson-Singular hate-Present.Sg 1stPerson-Sg.

Transliteration Edit

I ingest the hair of I. I hate he/she/it and he/she/it hate I.

Translation Edit

I eat my hair. I hate him/her/it and he/she/it hates me.

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