Nouns[edit | edit source]

The words used in the following examples are:

zumis - pen

këngëri - song

thooqö - pillow

masa - apple

mrue - table

banikotë - little bed/futon

akitî - octopus

balõ - medicine

ztho - pocket

garsou - host/hostess

pedaly - vest

Class I Noun Declination[edit | edit source]


Singular Dual Plural
NOM zumis zumos zumes
AC/D zumist zumista zumiste
GEN zumin zumina zumine
PRE zumil zumila zumile
INS zumigy zumig zumige
COM zumit zumitha zumite
ABL zumi zumika zumik
SE/T zumir zumiry zume
kengëri Singular Dual Plural
NOM kengëri kengëris kengërise
AC/D kengërist kengërista kengëriste
GEN kengërin kengërina kengërine
PRE kengëril kengërila kengërile
INS kengërigy kengërig kengërige
COM kengërit kengëritha kengërite
ABL kengëri kengërika kengërik
SE/T kengërir kengëriry kengëri
thooqö Singular Dual Plural
NOM thooqö thooqös thooqöse
AC/D thooqist thooqista thooqiste
GEN thooqin thooqina thooqine
PRE thooqil thooqila thooqile
INS thooqigy thooqig thooqige
COM thooqit thooqitha thooqite
ABL thooqi thooqika thooqik
SE/T thooqir thooqiry thooqö

Class II Noun Declination[edit | edit source]


Singular Dual Plural
NOM masa masu maso
AC/D maset masete maseta
GEN masant masante masanta
PRE masel masele masela
INS masaġ masaġe masaġa
COM masath masathe masatha
ABL masaq masaqe masaqa
SE/T masanka masale masala
mrue Singular Dual Plural
NOM mrue mruu mruo
AC/D mruet mruete mrueta
GEN mruant mruante mruanta
PRE mruel mruele mruela
INS mruaġ mruaġe mruaġa
COM mruath mruathe mruatha
ABL mruak mruaqe mruaqa
SE/T mruanka mruale mrueli
banikotë Singular Dual Plural
NOM banikotë banikotu banikoto
AC/D banikotët banikotëte banikotëta
GEN banikotant banikotante banikotanta
PRE banikotël banikotële banikotëla
INS banikotaġ banikotaġe banikotaġa
COM banikotath banikotathe banikotatha
ABL banikotaq banikotaqe banikotaqa
SE/T banikotanka banikotale banikotala

Class III Noun Declination[edit | edit source]

akitî Singular Dual Plural
NOM akitî akitu akito
AC/D akitõt akitõte akitõti
GEN akitõn akitõne akitõni
PRE akitil akitila akitile
INS akitigy akitig akiti
COM akitith akitite akitidi
ABL akitev akiteve akiteryi
SE/T akiten akitel akitî
balõ Singular Dual Plural
NOM balõ balu balo
AC/D balõt balõte balõti
GEN balõn balõne balõni
PRE balil balila balile
INS baliṅ balig bali
COM balith balite balidi
ABL balev baleve baleryi
SE/T balen balel balî

Class IV Noun Declination[edit | edit source]

ztho Singular Dual Plural
NOM ztho zthi zthes
AC/D zthost zthosto zthosta
GEN zthont zthonto zthonta
PRE zthol ztholo zthola
INS zthosle zthoslo zthosla
COM zthot zthoto zthota
ABL zthov zthoc̲ zthova
SE/T zthoka zthola zthovii
garcou Singular Dual Plural
NOM garcou garcu garcous
AC/D garcost garcosto garcosta
GEN garcont garconto garconta
PRE garcol garcolo garcola
INS garcosle garcoslo garcosla
COM garcot garcoto garcota
ABL garcov garcoc̲ garcova
SE/T garcoka garcola garcovii
pedaly Singular Dual Plural
NOM pedaly pedali pedalyes
AC/D pedalyost pedalyosto pedalyosta
GEN pedalyont pedalyonto pedalyonta
PRE pedalyol pedalyolo pedalyola
INS pedalyosle pedalyoslo pedalyosla
COM pedalyot pedalyoto pedalyota
ABL pedalyov pedalyoc̲ pedalyova
SE/T pedalyoka pedalyola pedalyovii
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