Alisian is based on the Latin alphabet (also called the Roman alphabet), and there are twenty-six (26) letters. Originally there were twenty-five (25) letters, with 'W' being added by the early-nineteenth century. Unlike the English, who call it a "double-u," the Alisians use "way" (spelled we). Also, "K"(ke) was added in the late-nineteenth century. Before Know and Was were used in foreign words but officially became part of the alphabet in 1919. That lead to the evolution of ch from /k/ to

  • 20 Consonants (Consonnenti): B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Z
  • 6 Vowels (Vowelli): A E I O U Y

Also, the Alisians uses several accents: grave accents (à, è, ì, ò and ù), circumflex (â, ê, î, ô, and û), tremmo (Alisian for dieresis) (ä, ë, ï, ö, and ü), and the tilde (ã and õ) is applied on vowels. Two combined letters (called orthographic ligatures) are used: æ and œ. On consonants, the acute accent (ń and ź) and the cedille (cedilla in Alician) (ç, ģ, and ş).


Letter Name in Alisian Pronunciation IPA English approximation
A a [a] [a] father
Bb be [be] [b] ball
Cc ce [t͡ʃe] [k] camp (before all consonants, a, o, or u)
[t͡ʃ] chair (before e, i, or y)
Dd de [de] [d] door
Ee e [e] [e] play
Ff eff [ef] [f] flu
Gg ge [d͡ʒe] [g] goal (before all consonants, a, o, or u)
[d͡ʒ] germ (before e, i, or y)
Hh haç [hat͡ʃ] [h] house
Ii i [i] [i] meet
Jj je [ʒe] [ʒ] beige
Kk ke [ke] [k] kettle
Ll el [el] [l] loose
Mm em [em] [m] mouse
Nn en [en] [n] noun
Oo o [o] [o] open
Pp pe [pe] [p] pen
Qq kyu/ [kju] [k] cue
Rr er [eɹ] [ɹ] run
Ss es [es] [s] sold
Tt te [te] [t] tree
Uu u [u] [u] moose
[w] water (before all vowels except e)
Vv ve [ve] [v] vase
Ww we [we] [w] water
Xx ix [iks] [ks] explanation
Yy yot [jot] [j] boy
Zz zèt [zɛt] [z] zoo (before all consonants, a, o, or u)
[ð] the (before e, i, or y)


Grèv/Grave (`) Acuto/Acute (´) Circonflex/Circumflex (ˆ) Tremmo/Diacritics (¨) Tilde (~) Cedillle/Cedilla (¸)
à[ɔ] ń[ɲ] â[ɑ] ä[aː] ã[ɐ] ç[t͡ʃ]
è[ɛ] ź[ð] ê[ɜ] ë[eː] õ[ɔ] ģ[d͡ʒ]
ì[ɪ] î[ø] ï[iː] ş[ʃ]
ò[ʌ] ô[ɒ] ö[oː]
ù[ə] û[ʊ] ü[juː]