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Original Phonology Chart[]

This chart contains the old phonology before I decided how I was going to do this.

Biabial Linguolabial Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Uvular Glottal
Stop /p/ [p] /b/ [b̺] /t/ [t] /d/ [ɖ] /c/ [c] /q/ [q] /ʔ/ [ʔ ~ h]
Fricative /β/ [β] /ð̼/ [ð̼] /ʂ/ [ʂ] /j/ [ʝ ~ j] /χ/ [χ]
Approximant /l/ [l]
Affricate /t͡ɬ/ [t͡ɬ] /c͡ç/ [c͡ç] /q͡χ/ [q͡χ]
Trill /r/ [r] /ʀ/ [ʀ]
Nasal /m/ [m ~ m̺] /n/ [n ~ ɳ] /ŋ/ [ŋ ~ ɴ]