Type Agglutinative
Alignment Nom-Acc
Head direction VSO
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders 2 (Used for Pronouns only)
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words of 1500
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Classification and Dialects[]



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal
Nasal ɱ n
Plosive p t k
Fricative z ħ
Affricate ts tch
Approximant w j
Flap or tap ɾ
Lateral fric. ɬ
Lateral app. l
Lateral flap ʟ


Front Back
High u
Near-high ɪ
Low ɑ

Vowel Length: There are two vowel lengths, short and long. Long vowel are represented by writing the letter twice, at least for the Romanization

Diphthongs: Diphthongs is one vowel sound made by two vowels. They are 'ai' 'au' and 'ia'


Amaya is a (C)V language. C is any consonant or affricate, and V is any vowel or

Writing System (Romanization)[]

Letter m n p t k x c w y r s l
Sound ɱ n p t k ts ch w j ɾ ɬ l
Letter j z h a i u
Sound ʟ z ħ ɑ ɪ u



Nouns are people, places, things, or ideas. They decline for number and definiteness.


Number Prefix
Singular None
Dual a-
Trial u-
Plural (4+) i-


Definiteness Suffix
Indefinite None
Definite -kii
General -nia


Verbs are actions. In Amaya they are always transitive, meaning they can always accepted an object. Verbs conjugate for Tense, Aspect, and Mood.

Tense x Aspect[]

Tense Aspect Prefix
Present Perfective None
Present Imperfective Wi-
Past Perfectivw Ka-
Past Imperfective Wa-
Future Perfective Ku-
Future Imperfectivw Ru-


Mood Suffix Meaning Example
Declaritives None States a fact The cat is orange
Interogative -uu Asks a question Is the cat orange?
Imperritive -i Demands something, a command Go feed the orange cat!
Hypothetical -u A hypothetical statement. Describes a situation that didn't happen, but could possibly -
Conditional -za Used to create conditional sentences. If A happens, then B happens If you eat food, you won't be hungry


Adjectives also act as adverbs. They describe a noun, verb, or another adjective. They always follow the word they describe. If you want to tag multiple adjectives onto one word (Ex: The big, powerful empire), you do not put them next to each other like in the example sentence. Instead, then must be joined by a conjunction (more on this in the the conjunction subtitle), or it implies that one of the adjectives is describing the other adjective.


Pronouns show the person, number, and gender of the person it is replacing.

Table of Pronouns[]

Sing Dual Trial Plur Plur Inclu Sing Dual Tiral
1st Takii Ataki Utaki Itaki Takuzii
2nd Ziizi Aziizi Uzizii Iiziizi
3rd Ja Ala Uqa Ija



Example text[]