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Angelic is a fan language based on the world of the webcomic Slightly Damned.

In the words of the comic's creator:

"Unfortunately, I am no J.R.R. Tolkien. All the Angelic you see in the comic is a bunch of symbols I made up on the fly. There’s no guide, no translation. It’s all nonsense."[1]

Internal mythos[edit | edit source]

Angels live in Heaven with Mother Gaia, their creator. Their duties range from making the afterlife pleasant for souls in paradise, and doing battle against the forces of Hell.

Phonology[edit | edit source]

Consonants[edit | edit source]

Bilabial Labio-dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Velar
Nasal m ŋ
Plosive d k, g
Fricative v s, z ʒ
Approximant ɹ
Lateral app. l

Vowels[edit | edit source]

Front Back
Close i u
Close-mid o
Open-mid ɛ
Open a

Writing System (12:6)[edit | edit source]

Traditional Script

[edit | edit source]

Note how all the vowels open to the right.

Romanized[edit | edit source]

Letter a e i y o u
Sound /a/ /ɛ/ /i/ /ai/ /o/ /u/
Letter g d v z x l
Sound /g/ /d/ /v/ /z/ /ks/ /l/
Letter m n s k r j
Sound /m/ /ŋ/ /s/ /k/ /ɹ/ /ʒ/

Grammar[edit | edit source]

Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No No Yes No No No No
Nouns No No Yes No No No No No
Adjectives No No No No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns No Yes No No No No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article No No No No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No

Nouns[edit | edit source]

Nouns are assigned three classes:

  1. Things that are of Heaven. (Gaia, Angels, righteous persons, etc.)
  2. Things that are of Medius. (Death, living things, nature, etc.)
  3. Things that are of Hell. (Syndel, Demons, damned souls, etc.)

Nouns are pluralized with the suffix (i) j .

Verbs[edit | edit source]

Verb Tense Prefix
Past sun-
Future kur-
Passive mi-
Gerund jer-

Subject-verb agreement is provided by having the verb follow the subject immediately.

Syntax[edit | edit source]

Pronouns (Personal)[edit | edit source]

Subjective to: Prefix
Possessive se-


For Objective pronouns, the final vowel is replaced with "y". (ai)

Other Words[edit | edit source]


ets And
ken Yes
nu No
la To
vi Or
dan- Un-
-ri Turns Verb into Adjective
-zo Turns Verb into Noun


Lexicon[edit | edit source]

Articles (Definite)[edit | edit source]

Word Class

1 (Heaven)


2 (Medius)


3 (Hell)

Nouns[edit | edit source]

Class I[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
fory Time
geven Heaven
jiri Sword
nev Heart
ni Self
nim Word
selem Peace, Hello
simi Sun
vur Friend
zem Name
nin Sister
zes Brother

Class II[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
aer Air
dam Man
eme Tongue
gi Earth
iom Day
iv Woman
kun Tail
ner Water
nun Snake
pyr Fire

Class III[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
kadzo Sin
siol Hell
zuu Demon, Brute

Verbs[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
aka to Make/Do
am to Be (Present State)
arvaj to Grab, Hold, Steal
asde to Need
diri to Despair
dyl to Hail, Praise
dum to Fight
fy to Look (to be)
hul to Hurt
id Would
is to Have
isra to Wrestle, Struggle
jel to Laugh
jesum to Listen
jeva Must
juru to Shine
kad to Sin
kam to Love
kana to Worry
kem to Like
kul Can
lome to Speak
lumet to Study, Research
lumo to Die
smor to Keep
sna to Hate
ym to Be (Eternal Totality)
za to Will/Would
zig to Please
zov to Leave

Adjectives[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
da With
dov Good
duni Better
en In/At
inz Free
iur More
jelmi Laughable; Ridiculous
jo Here
kumz Like; As
lal Dear
ra Evil
sar All
ya Holy

Pronouns[edit | edit source]

Word Translation
ja I
jaj We
vo You
voj You (pl.)
wa He/She
ri This, It
rij They

There are no gendered Pronouns in Angelic, as Angels view gender as fluid.

Example text[edit | edit source]

Angelic English
Sar damj jeva lumo. All men must die.
Diri'dan, lal vur...
Smor se'vo nev jer'juru kumz ky simi...
Ja'ym jo da vy...
Despair not, dear friend...
Keep your heart shining like the sun...
I am here with you...
Ym vi ym'dan... To be or not to be...
Dyl ym la Gya. Praise be to Gaia.

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References[edit | edit source]

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