Anglachian is known as Ingleesya in Anglachian

Anglachian originally developed as a substitute for English as a interconnecting language since English is not easily learnt and has a few rules that are not simple such as silent words.


The word 'Anglachian' derives from "Ingleesya' which derives from 'Anglach' which is ultimately derived from the misspelling of the word 'English' as Ee-ng-oo-lee-su which is common in Japan and India.

Writing Script[]

Anglachia is written in both the Tamil script and Latin script.

It originally used only the Latin script as to serve its main purpose of being a better and similar global language.

It also become written in Tamil as it's neighbouring regions speak Tamil and most importantly, use the Tamil script.

Pronunciation and Words[]

It is extremely close to English.


Anglachian only has 2 pieces of Literature:

Beudafull Tay (Beautifal Day)

O! Beudafull Tay! San raysing upan reebar!

Peram Italia de Australya


Volkaas Ingleesya!

O! Ingleesya yoas! (Oh! Anglachian You)

Lek et yoas! Lek et Yoas!

Sonas ar datar !

Raysing de Ingleesya Fleg Hi!

Kaping yoar laydaratur straung!

O! O! Ingleesya Yoas!


There is no grammar in Anglachian cause it would spoil the whole point of the language!


There are no translators that can use or translate it Anglachian yet.

Fun Facts (Trivia)[]

  • Anglachia is a developing language
  • Nobody uses Anglachian yet.