This page is about the numerals in Amorese (native Pilasantocu).

Cardinal Numbers[edit | edit source]

English Antocu Base 15 한란도쿠
zero na 0
one co 1
two ja 2
three pi 3
four che 4
five ma 5
six ra 6
seven so 7
eight la 8
nine ro 9
ten cu A
eleven to B
twelve ta C
thirteen ci D
fourteen pu E

Amorese uses a base-15 numbering system.

For example, in the number 297:

15^2 15^1 15^0
1*225 4*15 12*1

That is a sample of converting 297 to base fifteen. In this case, the Amorese equivalent of 297 would be cocheta. Colloquially, the number 37 is translated to ríyo instead of jaso due to popular culture.

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