Before I Start Talking, I Will Make It Clear This Is All Fake (Except For The Conlang Itself). All Of the History and the Country Is Not Real So Don't Take This Seriously. (Lol, Who on Conlang Wiki Would Anyways.) And Also, This Is My First Time Making a Conlang on This. (P.S. I Am Horrible with Vowel and Consonant IPA Charts, So They Might Be Wrong, Lol) I Also Did This Just for Fun and Don't Have a Degree in Linguistics. So Yeah, Some Stuff Might Be Wrong. And Now to The Information...

Information on Araho[]

This Page Talks About Araho, A Language I Have Made. I Have A Few Dialects Including Gandaran (This Talks About Gandaran) and Kaganedoan, There Are More but I Don't Want to Bore You Lol.

Araho Is a Language That Is Personal to Me (Anonymous) And Might Be Taught to Friends. It Is a Minimalistic Conlang. The Language Is a Work in Progress.

It is Based Off of Many Languages (Making It an A Posteriori Conlang) Including:


Chinese (Mainly Mandarin)



Turkic Languages (Turkish, Azerbaijani, Etc.)

Semitic Languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Etc.)

Here Is a Language Info Box. --->

Origin of Araho[]

Araho originates from Arahoa. It Is an island of the coast of Asia, Its Capitol is Gandara. The reason why Araho is Minimalistic is because the Arahoans are STUPID... No Offense to them.

Related languages:[]

The Following Are Languages in the Haranic language Family.



Poru [Endangered]

They All Derive from Haran (Which is Extinct), except for Poru which derives from Haparanuui. (Haparanuui is Endangered)

Haran and Haparanuui both Derive from Proto-Haran (Proto-Haran is Extinct)

Phonology (Empty Shaded Squares Have No Use)[]


Bilabial Dental Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal n
Plosive p / b t / d k / g
Fricative h
Approximant h
Flap or tap ɾ
Glide ( w ) ( j )


Front Back
High ɪ / y
Low-mid e ɔ
Near-low æ


Only 1:


Writing Systems (Stars Next to Main Writing Systems)[]

⭐Latin Alphabet - Alphabet (From A Few European Languages (Including English))

⭐Araho Hiragana - Syllabary (From Japanese with One Character and One Diacritic Added)

⭐Anpa - Alphabet (Native to Araho)

⭐Kanta - Logography (Native to Araho)

Hanzì - Logography (From Most Chinese Languages)

Hangeul - Alphabet (From Korean)

(Old Script (Never Used)) Arabic Abjad - Abjad (From Arabic)

How The Vowels Are Written:[]

A [/ɔ/]

E [/e/]

I [/i/]

U [/ü/ Or /y/]

Aa (A Sound[/æ/])

Ee (Ā Sound[/eɪ/])

ii (Y Sound[/j/] Or [/I:/] (Long I)) {RARE SOUND} (Technically A Consonant)

Uu (W Sound[/w/]) (Technically A Consonant)

Grammar & Vocabulary[]

Word Order[]

SVO (Can Be Free)

Descriptors (Desc.) Before Noun (N.)/Verb (V.)

Auxiliary Verbs (AuxV.) Before the Verb

There Are Suffixes (Suf.) and Prefixes (Pref.)

Articles Before Nouns

Prepositions (Prep.) Before Words

And Interjections (Intj.) like No, or Yes Are Accepted Practically Anywhere.


Before I Start, I Must Say no words need to be capitalized. (Only Proper Nouns Actually)

igida - Desc. /N. - Good, Happy

aare - N. - Day, Sun

nun - N. - Night, Moon

neera - Prep. - Up, Above

neera aare - N. - Noon, Middle of the Day (Lit. Up Sun)

neera nun - N. - Midnight, Middle of The Night (Lit. Up Moon)

haira - Intj. - No

ebeto - Intj. - Yes

nane - Intj. - (A Word to Indicate Question Or...) What?

tanera - Intj. - Any Form of Greeting, Hello

tueti - V. - To Learn / To Teach

iiena - AuxV. - Will

abada - V. - To Start

kabi - N. / Desc. - Ugly

gudera - N. / Desc. - Pretty

epa - Desc. - Very / (Plurality maker)


I / Me / My / Us / We - ben (epa)

You / Yours - tenben

He / Him / She / Her / They / Them - nema (epa)

Araho Articles
Singular Plural
Definite A A Epa
indefinite E E Epa

Prefixes And Suffixes (Or Informational words to add At the End or Beginning of a Word):[]

If You Are Indicating Plurality Add the Word 'Epa' After It. For Example, The Word 'The' in Araho is A, to Indicate That You Are Talking About Multiple Things Say 'A Epa', Or You Can Just Add 'Epa' At the End of The Noun. (In Some Dialects [Not Gandaran] You Can Say the Noun Twice to Indicate Plurality)

[Not Finished][]

Example text[]

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