The Lagtiri dialect is a far dialect of the As'Wenrra'Lanf language, it is a dialect that developed into a new language Lagtiri Novm since it became less intelligible to the main branches. It was a mixture language that formed with the presentation of the fallen Sherex(Sphere) fragments in Latin and the local dialect of Yor-Sobiek.

In the core the structure of Lagtiri Novm is of As'Wenrra'Lanf except in some cases.

The first of these cases is the difference between the uses of the to be verb.

The use of to be for the state of being is given the form "est" and put in a form SOV.

The use of being in to be is given the form "yu" equal to the As'Wenrra'Lanf branch with equal properties.

The G letter is sometimes silent when not in the initial position and not followed by a vowel including Y. So Lagtiri is read as /latiɾi/ while Gard is /gaɾd/. The G can also extend the anterior vowel.

The V letter is sounded as /vu/ instead of /v/ when not next to a vowel including Y. So Novm is /nɔvum/.

No ' is used, it is replaced by the - signal.

The possession case is shown by the affix "-e" but not in any other way.

Example: Recogno-mag, gard Yor-e est-og /rɛkɔːno.maː gaɾd jɔɾ.ɛ ɛs͡t.ɔː /