Asapaka is an artlang. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. Asapaka only has 99 words! its inspiration came from toki pona. How asapaka got to 99 words was by adding an opposite prefix ( ma ) asa = good ma-asa = bad and by combining words wich are simular and taking useless words away. The amount of asapaka speakers in unknown. in asapaka you can have a sentence with just 1 word by uniting them for example.

kukolanajanasakasutu = only 2 learners.

the words seem hard just by looking at them but they are just tiny words mashed together.

he order in where you put words together is PPPTANVN (prefix pronoun preposition time adjective noun verb number )

Learning asapaka will take 2-5 weeks

Diffirence between Toki pona and Asapaka

The real diffirence is the vocubilary. Source languages of asapaka are Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Karelian, hindi, indonesian, swahili and english. Toki pona source languages are English, Tok pisin, Finnish, Georgian, Dutch, Acadian French, Esperanto, Croatian and Chinese. Other dirrifences are that words in Asapaka when combined dont have a space between them but toki pona has a space between them. The asapaka numbersystem is also diffirend

Socialist world repubic ( Asapaka lyrics )

Socialist world repubic ( Asapaka lyrics )

Saksan keisari wilhelmi ( asapaka lyrics )

Saksan keisari wilhelmi ( asapaka lyrics )

Resources for it

discord dictionary + grammar memrise

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