Sentence Types[]

Reported Speech[]

For using reported speech in Atudab, you have only to make a pause and insert the quoted sentence as it is, making required adaptations in pronoun, place and time indicators. Ex.:

[mĩ:be ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m, "ʔe:bo ʔe:lʔa:b".] The man said, "I am tired."
[mĩ:be ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m, ju:lo (powij) ʔe:lʔa:b.] The man said, he (was) tired. = The man said that he was tired.
[pojɛ:phob ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m luʔe:boʔət, "ʔe:ndɾɛ̃:dzo (wij) ʔodz".] She told me, "I love you."
[pojɛ:phob ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m luʔe:boʔət, jɛ:pndɾɛ̃:dzo (wij) ʔe:bo.] She told me, she loves me. = She told me that she loves me.
[ʔe:hob ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m, ʔe:bo cɔwwɔ: catɾux] I said (that) I will be there.
[pocɔhob ŋxɔ̃:ncĩ:m, "pɾaŋɔ̃:jɔ lucɔwwɔ:ʔət catɾux".] They said, "we will go there."
[ʔe:ŋɛ̃:mly:, cɔŋɔ̃:jɔ lutɾitɔʔət.] I thought, they would come here.

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