Knight's song

The knight marches through infidel land and sings the devil's song

A machine gun crew waits on the mountain past

They sing to the eagle's in the wind

We have no love for the infidel or his consipirators 

We only care for his land and for his stolen treasures

We will march through his land singing the devil's tune

We will take his land, women and titles

and Death will laugh 

Ha ha Ha ha

we fight for the God,

We fight for the Emperor

The foe we give no rest

Oh land of my kin[edit | edit source]

A soldier's farwell [edit | edit source]

I look to my homeland with tired eyes                                                                                   


[OSV homeland abs allative sup I erg l-aorist present eyes tired instrumental]

[OSV breath abs superior hills erg and fields erg take mouth ablative] 


The hills and fields take the breath from my mouth.

The war-frever comes inside me

(OVS me absloutive illative inferiror come war-frever) 


I must give farwell to my wife [SOV I ergative wife absloutive equal g-near future-incepitve-ive farwall instrumental]


I must give farwell to my clan 


I must give farwell to my homeland

[OSV homeland-abs superior I ergative give farwell]


The Emperor is calling me to arms

[OVS I abs inferior c-reparative present-alling emperor ergative guns allative  and swords allative]


I must do my duty for his words are the truth

[OVS duty abs inferior d-command aorist future-o I ergative words truth 3s  gen causative]

J'mnüǧǧ' ç'hüvovwäɀǎywaakxadzwaþs

oh my folk think of me?


[SOV oh folk my ergative me abs equal t-habitual present-wish-hink"

I will fight the foe far away among the men in the enemy fields

[OVS enemy land abs locative  f-habiutal-known future-ight  I erg men com emperor gen]

Varkorḍamüǧşhavuueklvwäɀ ok'k'vkǩlhw'þ

The ships are leaving the harbour


(SOV ship ergative harbour abs abl l-reparative-prsent-eave]

The planes are leaving the airfields


The trains are leaving the stations


[In the cosmos the stars shine upon the soldiers]


The star's shine upon the soldiers

in the deep black of space, the stars shine

the stars shine upon the soldiers

May I have to tackle, mountains, steppe, jungle, desert or taiga.

I must not forgot my farwell to my fatherland

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