• Marek Szymonski

    Since we seem to be announcing our challenges ahead of time, I figured I'd go ahead and announce my idea for descendant lang challenge!

    The challenge will be to derive a new conlang descended from one of a list of conlangs presented (we can vote on which langs have sufficient quality, completion and detail to be used. A language must receive two votes other than the nominator's in order to be proposed- but if the nominator is the owner of the lang, you need three votes. Nevertheless, please consider nominating other languages instead of your own.) You must of course provide sound and grammatical changes as well as semantic shifts from the ancestor. Also, include some borrowings from the languages you did not derive your own lang from (I'd say…

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  • The Kaufman

    -Not important anymore as I think that I'll organize a Germanic challenge instead.-

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  • Eçeþesi

    Okay so I noticed that everyone is starting romlangs lately so I decided to why not make it a challenge. :D

    Since the other challenge (the February collablang one) kinda fizzled, I think it's a good idea to detour to this for a while. We'll come back to the collablang challenge if enough people want to.

    So basically rules:

    • must be evolved directly from Latin (this is not to say no external influences), no mashing existing Romance languages together or simplifying/modifying one (to be fair, even if I didn't make this a rule, you'd lose for doing this anyway)
    • can belong to an existing branch of Romance or an invented one
    • the conlang's page must feature a list of sound changes and grammatical changes from (Vulgar) Latin
    • there will be a required tra…

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  • Blob doom

    The winner with the worst orthography is Bzøssktlyx which looks like a hungarian and a dane where drunk and decided to start dancing on their keyboards. I mean come on look at the name does anyone even know who to pronouce that ugly shite. please just kill it with fire now, I mean seriously why use x for /X/ its just way too ugly, yuck.

    Xatxqw'obźadgaź bžahkxuslabgatx htaqwatxašqužxyžnaxatx qabzbžuzatxašbgagabatxybad xag. Bžaaxloqatl xag kaxiltxašskxasžawadgaź ktlaxlaladqabz dudxax txozowg'agad øb'øb. doesn't that just burn your eyes, I mean

    The language with the worst back story is Mjeh, I mean lava people that has to be the most shit back story I have ever seen did a fucking 4 year old write it for you Pat5005. I mean under the earth's man…

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  • AndyRoo337

    Pages for Deletion

    March 1, 2015 by AndyRoo337

    So I've been looking around the wiki and found pages to be deleted:



    Thessacan : Lingȗa Þesacastra







    Lango:Lango (apparently there are multiple pages for this in different languages)

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  • Osswix

    Langer podcast

    February 15, 2015 by Osswix

    A friend and i did a vodcast~ ish thing about conlanging, it's kind of related to the reddit but i'll post a link to the first episode here.

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  • Blob doom

    This is a challenge conducted by and judged by me,it finishes on the 3rd march and the starting point is the 14th febuary

    the rules are 

    1) The phonology must be comprised of your least favourite consonants, vowels and phonotatic structure

    2) the grammar is be the worst grammar you can think of

    3) words should be made without any imagination

    So it is basically to create a language you will hate and which I will hate as well, the worst language wins by a community vote and I will write some good insults for it.

    So get going

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  • AndyRoo337

    Writing System Challenge

    February 14, 2015 by AndyRoo337

    So I know we have the conlang challenge coming up, so I figure that we could do a writing system challenge along with it. The signup period will be from 2/18/15 - 3/1/15. More requirements will be revealed then. 'May the odds be in your favor'. Lol If I could understand what I just said my head would explode. (talk) 01:04, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Eçeþesi

    Hey guys.

    Sorry for taking so so so so long to get this up. You're all probably irritated with me and I understand. Life just got hectic. Oh well.

    It's finally time for our second Conlang Challenge! This time around will work significantly differently, and hopefully more smoothly.

    Unlike last time, there will not be a designated sign-up period. This is because, unlike the last challenge, the challenge is not highly restricted on time. The last challenge ran for two weeks; this one will for more like two months. 

    This challenge will begin when I publish this blog post, and will run for approximately two months. The tentative deadline will be April 1, but may be subject to change. In keeping with the last challenge, conlangs b…

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  • Eçeþesi

    Conlanging Schedule

    January 29, 2015 by Eçeþesi

    I found this comment in a conlanging group on Facebook and loved it so I'm sharing it.

    It's a description of conlangs as a conlanger creates successively more conlangs. 

    1 - Usually not daring, often barely more than a cipher
    2 - We've hit Wikipedia a few times now, so we have clicks, tones, phonation, too many cases, a poor attempt at incorporation, infixed articles and the classic kitchen sink
    3 - Noticing #2 was a mess, we now decide to do something a bit simpler, but still pushing the wacky meter up. Thus we get the conlangs that look like Iau or Wari'.
    4 - Conlanger accidentally repeats step 2 or 3. Accelerated users are making a Romlang or Germlang under the influence of Vietnamese or Piraha
    5 - Jokelang
    6 - Period of remorse. 
    7 - Period o…

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  • AndyRoo337

    Community Language

    January 29, 2015 by AndyRoo337

    So I have an idea: What if we have a community language?

    What will happen is that anyone can edit it, but no one can delete part of it unless they post on the talk on what they want to get rid of and why, and 3 people must agree with them.

    All right... so all mah gs out dare b complainin bout me bin gone, so I'm lettin dem adminz edit dis shiznit.If I could understand what I just said my head would explode. (talk) 03:30, March 13, 2015 (UTC)

    The writing system will be Cyrillic.

    (comment or talk to me in the chat about what you want me to add)

    ɬ: 3 (removed)

    tones: 1 (only one vote - not removed)

    Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar
    Nasal m

    Plosive p b
    t d
    k g
    f θ s
    ç x



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  • Meuser2

    I have added three new templates to the wiki. To make it clear, none of them were originally my innovation-they are all copies of templates created on the Conworld Wiki by Minecraftian.

    The first is does the same with talk pages for pages. I hope these templates will save editors a significant amount of time. I will introduce some more soon probably, and will report back here when I do.

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  • The Kaufman

    A random proposition

    January 22, 2015 by The Kaufman

    So, since the 2 relays hosted so far have failed (Pat's relay is too small, I think), I propose to host a relay every month or after a month has passed from the previous relay. I think the most suitable hosts will be ED or AK (since they are 1. both successful and 2. both admins) and, if something, any more or less skilled conlanger will do. (I get a feeling that I'll host one sometime, hehe)

    What do you think of this?

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  • Pat5005

    Conlang Relay Order

    January 21, 2015 by Pat5005
    1. Pat5005 with Уацин
    2. Elector Dark with Xwarṣa
    3. Meuser 2 with Mattish

    I am sorry to ED if Уацин is not done correctly, or if something seems to be wrong. If so, just email me, and I'll get back to you so I may clarify what might not be clear.

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  • Pat5005

    This shall be the "callout" for the upcoming Conlang Relay, which will take place in the time period of at most 53 65 days. I am giving each participant a 13-day 15-day translation period. This time should be enough time to translate the text you receive from the previous participant's language into English, into your language, and finally submit it back to me.

    My email is and hopefully I get no more spam than I already receive.

    The callout period shall end in three days (the 13 January) on the 20 January.

    I am planning for this relay to commence on the 14 January 23 January. This should leave us plenty of time to have all of the participants signed up and also to have their email submitted to me.

    If you do not know, I will have the basic layout of ho…

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  • Pat5005

    Pat5005's Conlang Relay

    January 9, 2015 by Pat5005

    ohhhkaaayyy, I'm thinkin now, since that other old conlang relay (Bace's one) has been practically discontinued, that I could just start my own.

    Now, this may be not alright with some of you, but for some others, it might be nice for a change.

    I haven't been liking how quiet the Conlang Wikia has been recently and I feel like it needs to have some fun in this mix of boredom and silence.

    I'm thinking that we can hold a sort of "callout" from now until a couple weeks, which is when we might be able to begin.

    I will write a short story, then translate it into my own language, Уацин. We shall then commence the relaying.

    I am trying to put emphasis on the shortness of the story. It will be at least three sentences, but no more than ten.

    And, there will b…

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  • Eçeþesi

    For the Lulz

    December 4, 2014 by Eçeþesi

    So, I was skimming Facebook before heading to sleep and stumbled across an article claiming that "scientists" have found all human languages to trace back to a single ancestral language in Africa, and that modern languages with more phonemes are older (like Khoisan), and those with fewer phonemes are younger (like Hawaiian).

    I don't know what kind of "scientist" this guy is but he's not a very good one. >.>

    So yeah, have fun laughing at that. Or crying. Whichever suits your fancy.

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  • AndyRoo337


    November 22, 2014 by AndyRoo337

    Delete plz

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  • Meuser2

    Community Conlang

    November 16, 2014 by Meuser2

    Please note: a community conlang is planned for after the conlang challenge. This will only commence after spotlight voting, which can only close once enough votes are submitted. Please submit your votes! 

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  • Meuser2

    Porting Pages

    November 12, 2014 by Meuser2

    In order to expand the conlinguistics section on this wiki, I shall be moving Wikipedia pages on linguistics onto it every now and then. I shall be cleaning up any links that are not relevant to conlinguistics; however, some links shall still remain red. These are links for which I plan to import the relevant pages at some time in the future. 

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  • Meuser2

    Conlang Relay Texts?

    November 12, 2014 by Meuser2

    Does anyone know where I could find past conlang relay texts in English (not from this wiki, but from I need some material to create one of my conlangs, Pragmatique, and I think these would be a good choice. Thank you!

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  • Eçeþesi

    Now that nominations have ended, voting shall now commence! 

    The nominees are:

    • Ännatropa
    • Darahti
    • Iáþi
    • Kti
    • Nukilmea
    • Ringwa
    • Theubeg
    • Уацин

    Xwarṣa and Ødilaaïffe were also nominated, but as they have already been featured as a result of the Conlang Challenge, it would be redundant to feature them again, therefore I have decided that they are not eligible for this vote. They may eligible again for later Spotlight votes after their current feature has elapsed.

    For this vote, all members receive one vote (which may only be positive). Once again, you vote simply by commenting on this blog post.

    Voting ends Monday, November 10th. The winner(s) will be announced on Tuesday, November 11th, the Conlang Wiki's 10th birthday! 

    EDIT: Due to a lack of participation, v…

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  • Meuser2

    Page shift

    November 2, 2014 by Meuser2

    Greetings from Meuser2!

    In order to prevent overloading of the conlang wiki with my ideas, I have decided I shall move some of my more 'in development' conlangs to another wiki. I shall provide the URL here so that if anyone else would like to come, they can; however, I have no plans of building an editor community at all, and so I shan't so desperately and shamelessly plug as I do for the Japanese Language Wiki (1 plug so far):

    Meuser2 wants you to come and help at the Japanese Language Wiki! 06:11, November 2, 2014 (UTC) (2nd plug)

    If any of the content reaches a level of completion which I consider satisfactory, I shall bring it back here. I shall continue to edit here, but the material I leave behind shall be the more complete. This does …

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  • Eçeþesi

    Hello everyone!

    Guess what? In two weeks, Conlang Wikia turns 10! :D

    To celebrate its birthday, we're going to have a vote for a featured conlang.

    Starting today, all contributors to the wiki may nominate a conlang that they believe deserves to be featured. You do not need to be a registered user to nominate, though of course registering is appreciated. 

    There are no prerequisites to be a nominee. You may nominate more than one conlang, and you may nominate your own if you choose. To nominate, post a link to a conlang's page in the comments of this blog post.

    Open nominations will last for a week, and therefore close on November 4. After nominations close, voting will begin with a new blog post. The rules for voting will be posted then, and vot…

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  • Blob doom

    anyone here

    October 17, 2014 by Blob doom

    no one seems to be in chat when i am online

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  • Bace1000

    Bace1000's Conlang Relay

    September 27, 2014 by Bace1000

    So, I've worked out an order for the conlangs. I've also written a stupid little story (let's just say for now you'll need a word for tacos :P) which I'll begin translating into Xongeith, but we'll need to sort out how we can send the translated text to each other. I'm thinking email would be our best bet, but if you have any other ideas or questions feel free to leave a comment.

    Order User Conlang Submitted
    1 Bace1000 Xongeith 29th Sept '14
    2 The Kaufman Sandbox 3 5th Oct '14
    3 Elector Dark Xwarṣa 27th Oct '14
    4 Osswix Nukilmea  Resigned
    5 AKsroa4a Ødilaaife

    6 Pat5005 Уацин

    7 Somehomo Shinsali

    Send me your email addresses here ->

    Wow. This is taking a lot longer than expected. Sorry if you're still waiting patien…

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  • Bace1000

    August Contest Relay

    September 13, 2014 by Bace1000

    After an awesome conlang challenge, I've decided to host a little game for the conlangers who took part. I think we should play a game of Conlang Relay.

    For those who don't know, the game is pretty simple. It goes a little like this: First, someone translates a passage of text into their Conlang. The text is not revealed, and the translation (not the gloss or any other information) is passed to the next person. They will then translate it into their own Conlang by referencing the previous Conlang's Wiki article. Then, they pass their translation to the next person. When everyone has translated the text through their conlang, each stage is put back into English, so the destruction of the original text can been seen as it goes from one Conlan…

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  • Eçeþesi

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the August Challenge! I hope you found it as fun as I did.

    As many of you have been waiting for, the results are in. The final score is:

    Ahise: +4
    Ggän: +4
    Likubenge: +3
    Luluvo: +6
    Shalledian: +4
    Shinsali: +8
    Wexelgwe: +2
    Xongeith: +2
    Xwarṣa: +7
    Ødilaaife: +8

    Therefore, we have a tie between Shinsali and Ødilaaife! Congrats to the winners.

    The winning conlangs will be featured on the Main Page, as well as under Spotlight in the navigation panel at the top of every page. Additionally, the second and third runners up, Xwarṣa and Luluvo respectively, will also be featured.

    Thank you again to everyone! I look forward to future challenges and hope you do too. :D

    PS., the lock on the pages above are now over. Those of …

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  • Mnllp4

    Best Free-Roam Games

    September 8, 2014 by Mnllp4

    Before I begin, let me point out *cough* Rurfs *cough* this is a blog, I'll be posting random stuff, usually just "best of" lists. Now, today's list will be the best free roaming games

    • Fallout 3 - Mini-nukes, zombies, mutants, factions, and an amazing storyline about a post-apocylpse world struggling to rebuild human civilization :)
    • Grand Theft Auto 5 - No need to explain, we all know its the best game ever! 
    • Assassins Creed IV - After having the dreadful Assassins Creed 3, Black Flag redeemed ubisoft, mostly because you get to be a pirate, aaaargh
    • Elder Scrolls Skyrim - I hate skyrim and the whole elder scrolls because its delaying something better (Fallout 4) but since everyone is obsessed with it, here ya go
    • Red Dead Redemption - I like to c…

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  • Mnllp4

    Best Songs by Genre

    September 8, 2014 by Mnllp4

    Hey so today I'm going to put a list of the best songs according to their genre (rap, rock, soul, etc.) so here it goes

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  • Eçeþesi

    Welp, now that the construction period is over, it's now time to get the voting underway!

    To explain first how voting shall operate:

    • All members of the community may vote, even those who did not submit an entry to the challenge.
    • All voters have three votes.
    • Votes may either be positive (+) or negative (-).
    • Voters who submitted an entry may only vote for their own conlang once.
    • When you vote, you must provide a reason for your decision; this helps others decide, and provides feedback to the contestants.
    • You may change your vote at any time until the end of the judging period.
    • To submit your vote, simply comment on this blog post.
    • You may only vote on the approved qualifying entries.

    Speaking of qualifying entries, I shall now announce which entries …

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  • Eçeþesi

    It's time to announce the criteria of our first Conlang Challenge!

    In case this is anyone's first time hearing of this, please visit this page in order to learn more.

    Because it's our first challenge, it will have fairly simple, though still challenging, requirements.

    Without further ado, the requirements for this challenge are

    • the conlang must be a priori, or created from scratch, without basis in any existing language;
    • it must be created in two* weeks; and
    • you must translate the first two articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Therefore, this is a speedlanging challenge! Given that this challenge is starting on August 17, and you have two weeks to complete it, you must submit your entry by September 1.

    Now, ready, set, start conl…

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  • Blob doom


    August 5, 2014 by Blob doom

    Looking on this website, I get hemmed down by alternative versions of english, romancelangs, slavlangs and germanolangs. I have nothing against Sae languages but gets a bit boring after a while

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  • Eçeþesi

    Conlang Challenge!

    August 3, 2014 by Eçeþesi

    The admins, AKsroa4a and Elector Dark, are happy to announce the first Conlang Wikia Challenge!

    This will be the first in a series of challenges to create a conlang that meets certain criteria. Each challenge will have a unique set of requirements and conditions. Challenges will consist of a sign-up period (which begins at the publication of this blog post), a construction period, and a judging period.

    During the sign-up period, members who wish to participate in the challenge may sign up by commenting on this blog post. There are no requirements to participate. If you later wish to drop out of the challenge, you may do so at any time. If you wish to join after the sign-up period, you may also do so, but be aware that the other participants …

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  • Estorva

    700 words, woohoo!

    June 21, 2014 by Estorva

    So far (until 6/21/2014), Atramia has over 700 words(estimated)!

    I have been collecting words for 6 months!

    Next Friday, June 27, Atramia will be 6 months old!

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  • Veliberius

    the le also as suffix of final, resultative verb and substantivizer it isn't an article!

    be ya укр. Е

    of de

    and ko / i internat. Co-exist, cooperate, someone & Co. sounds as 跟

    to tu eng. also used as prefix of motion, direction (Chinese Qu2 is close)

    a -

    in ye  close to -ya-

    have may укр. Мае

    it se

    you vi esp

    for day chinese-like logic da-to give = day

    not ne

    that se french, slavonic

    on no a priori, but may relate to portug. 'no', russian-ukranian 'на', or even mirror from eng. 

    with ko

    do fa french-like je fais

    as kaw

    he/she gi  sex.neutral if you want to say he - gimu, she - gifey

    we misu mi+su

    this si french

    at si tu

    they gisu gi+su

    but dene de+ne

    from fe fe=from, far, very distant english

    by si tu

    will va future tense, spanish le ma - as personal willing

    or kone…

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  • Veliberius


    March 15, 2014 by Veliberius

    Mela is a language which I am constructing for my family, I use it to talk to my wife and children. It is constructed to be easy to memorise. It is attained by constructing words as Lego's. Of course, international words could be used, but they need to be short in order to create new words with them. It would be ideal if we can know 1 000 words by memorizing only a hundred roots.

    1. The vocabulary is based on the list of the most frequently used words. It gives us the opportunity to start speaking the language right away, also it gives us an idea of what words are more important, what are the building blocks of the language. 2. All antonyms are created by the "mirror rule", for example - ANAY - high, YANA - low. 3. Words are selected from t…

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  • TubbzyWubbzy


    December 24, 2013 by TubbzyWubbzy

    Are there any around?

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  • Raexialin


    December 19, 2013 by Raexialin

    This is a test to be translated into Dréàn Ãü.

    Phátta che eitálel u shò ddeñól eitálen tronelad ainta Dréàn Ãü.

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  • Xygykybano

    Xygykybano Grammar Words

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano
    • there cein
    • of uv
    • in in
    • if i
    • ! ba
    • ? ra
    • very so
    • I/me mi
    • (past tense) ky
    • (future tense) jy
    • (ownership) no
    • (verb to noun [Ex. swim to swimming]) mes
    • where ve
    • why vey
    • when ven
    • what vat
    • how hew
    • who hw
    • it it
    • something sumqiŋ
    • word wed
    • this cis
    • that (That is...) cet
    • (#)ce/(#) time (ex. once/one time) (#)s (wans)
    • (#)st (ex. first/second) (#)st (ex. wanst/twst)
    • that (the time that...) ced
    • when (the time when...) vene
    • thing that does (verb) (ex. benwe - benwe-we) -we
    • (negative) nada
    • only ony
    • except eksept
    • please kwdas
    • he/she (genderless) sy
    • okay oke
    • to tw
    • welcome wekum
    • next nekst
    • we gy
    • but but
    • and end
    • or oen
    • also ewso
    • like eyk
    • hello hewo
    • he hy
    • she fy
    • you w
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  • Xygykybano

    Xygykybano Verbs

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano


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  • Xygykybano

    Benwe-weef no Send

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano



    Worndaeen: Riidaena if yuu leikdaena siinse bludlii.

    Wun teim, in treib of reidaeiisegasaand, prrsunse huu riidae rundaeiisegasaand, sther isskii boygayung naemdae Tam. Aejgii sthaat cheildse iss ulaawdaekii chuussdae sthaenorundaeiisegasaand iss ten. Wen Tam chaenjdaekii ten hii aand hiinogruupgaskuul gokii awtseid feind sthaenorundaeiisegasaand. Weil sthae walkdaeenkii rundaeiigasaand kumdaekii sthem aand scriimdaekii aat gruupgii, al fliidaekii except Tam. Sthen rundaeiigasaandgii ataakdaekii Tam aand sleisdaekii hiinoarmgaleft af sthen Tam jumpdaekii an rundaeiigasaandgii aand ataachdaekii reiinse an it reidae it. Tam diiseidaekii naemdae rundaeiigasaandgii Bab. Rundaeiisegasaand iss burdsegabiggafle…

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  • Andresfeliper3


    September 23, 2013 by Andresfeliper3

    Linvongo is a language which I invented. I'm looking for people who would like to learn Linvongo. It's an easy language and it has 15 cases without exceptions. I also want to chat with Conlangers and share our Conlangs. If you want to learn Linvongo or if you are a conlanger or simply you want to contact me send me an email to

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  • Scorpjke

    I started creating it two months ago and for now the grammar and phonology is ready, I am only working on the vocabulary. Oh, right, it's important to say that I am creating an auxlang which means it must be easy! ^^

    Honestly I do not like complex languages. Although I fluently speak two such languages (Japanese and Russian) I can only see that they are hard for almost no reason. Hmm... what else. Well, my language is kind of based on Esperanto. To be honest, most of the grammar is the same as in Esperanto. But it is not because I couldn't make up with something else myself but because I truly think the grammar of Esperanto is amazingly easy. But in my language it is even easier (for example, I removed the -n ending for the object). But it'…

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  • Deathundothee

    Greetings, everyone! Below you will see the beginnings of a project I am starting as a grad student at Mills College in Oakland, CA. I am a conceptual artist by trade and am looking to see if I can create a constructed language using input from people around the world in an online database.

    The ideogram is a symbol used to represent a concept, an excellent example being ♥. Love, romance and the body part are all represented by this symmetrical heart, even though it does not actually illustrate the physical organ. It may seem that this symbol is universally understood, but it is loaded with thousands of years of religious and societal connotations. So then, we propose the following question: Can we write a universally understood pictographic…

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  • Yinai-185

    Pяeviat, kimяa ah hoow? ya ęя'ą Yińai бya ya ę'яą dą kяiyshootiya б vo lańgeń hańńooń Dęmańeań

    Hello there, I am Yinai and I am the one who created this Language called Demanean.

    I created this language to help those who could not speak read or write in English due to Dyslexia, I was thinking of a way to create a cool looking Language that had a phonetic based spelling system and was derived from many east European Languages like Finish, Russian and Polish. The aim was to make it simple to learn and memorise but also to make sense as a language so that people would find it attractive.

    The Translation of the word "Demanean/Dęmańeań" means "to be dyslexic", and so "Dą Dęmańeań lańgeń" would mean "The language of the dyslexics"

    There is not a lot…

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  • SaluteChicken

    A friend and I are creating a conlang known as Daltonese. However, my friend is inactive and without him Daltonese will fail since he is much better than me at conlignuistics. I feel he will never return from inativity and Daltonese will fail. So I ask for help... I would be delighted if someone could donate an un-named conlang to me or even create one.

    If Edward returns from inativity. I will notify you.

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  • Fauxlosophe

    Right now, I'm looking at some major over hauls of Fén. I think I've made a lot of mistakes and it might be in the interest of new conlangers seeking to make something from scratch [particularly Fantasy aimed] to hear me out and learn from my mistakes.

    When I first started, it was a pretty amateurish thing that I intended to throw in the background for flavour. At that point I would have seen minor issues as something to potentially offer a quick fix around, but putting my conlang on a proper wiki has motivated me to try and over come a lot of these issues and make a consistant language which people could actually talk with. Considering I actually had/have a relatively well developed language save for a few rather deep difficulties or excep…

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  • Elector Dark

    So, ever since the incident with Zelos, we're lacking bureaucrats on the wiki. I don't really like it, and we'd really need them to function.

    This will, then, be a new voting. My idea is to structure it like the previous vote, as to have it democratic.
    The rules are the same as before, except where modified appropriately:

    1) Only admins can be nominated, but regular users can nominate only one person; admins can nominate one more admin in addition to themselves.
    2) Anyone can vote. Every vote is worth one point.
    2.1) Non-nominated people have one pro vote and one con vote.
    2.2) Nominated people have one pro vote on everyone but themselves, and one con vote on themselves.
    3) Votes and nominations should be elaborated with a comment.

    Current nominat…

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  • TheWrittenWord

    As I was thinking of making a unique writing system for one of my conlangs, I came across that perennial question for anyone doing the same. What kind of writing system should I choose. For the language in question, Aelatha, I want something both aesthetic and functional. I want eye candy with a purpose. So, I decided to weigh the pros and cons of different types of writing systems together. The following is a list of pros and cons of different writing systems and shows only my opinion, please comment and leave your opinions.

    In an alphabet, each graph (letter) represents one phone (sound), though there's no way you should be reading this without knowing what an alphabet is.

    • I feel it's the (second) most beneficial to a highly literate…

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