EmperorZelos EmperorZelos 1 May 2010

Copying old stuff

Pressing the random language button i found a conlang that was a copy of my own in its early stages XD

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Razlem Razlem 1 May 2010


In general, how does one promote a constructed language?

The internet is one way, obviously, but languages like Esperanto and Ido didn't have that luxury. How did those languages spread all over the world?

I assume snail mail as far as the transportation of information, but were there pamphlets advertising the language?

Just curious.

Razlem 03:33, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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EmperorZelos EmperorZelos 28 April 2010


From my previous blog where I gave some simple minor tips on general stuff i thought i would give more indepth of semantics to avoid replicating english dictionary again.

the first and probably most important thing to think on is to never EVER say "with in X is Y" because "with" or other structural words (prepositions, adpositions etc) often contain more than 1 meaning so you are dragging with you a ton of meanings in such a case. Instead you shall with such structural words rather mix and match the meanings around that is different. Hebrew got a word i cannot remember now that contain "with" "in" and such as a meaning that we would find odd. Sure it is to us but not for them. your langauge should be the same and mix it in ways that is diff…

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PsykieKILLA PsykieKILLA 23 April 2010

Methods of Filling a Lexicon

One of the main problems faced by conlangers everywhere is an inability to fill out a lexicon. They are difficult things to do, but done in a systematic way, they become a snap. Here are some pointers on how to achieve said approach:

  • Firstly assess your conlangs setting and theme. Was it originally, or is it still spoken by a religious culture? Is it a modern Auxillery language? Is it a language of magic? Once you have this sorted it will all be a lot easier.
  • With the concept in hand, flesh out the basis for it first. In the first example, you should figure out some of the religion it came from, including a few myths from said religion (if you are using a real world religion, read up on it, specifically the religion's holy text). In the seco…
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EmperorZelos EmperorZelos 22 April 2010

Conlang Tips and Tricks

Having had some experience in conlanging for a while, I thought i could give another 2 cents of my ideas, thoughts and general tips for conlangers. It will be updated as i think of new things

  • Order of work
    • This one is something I would stress very much in the begining, for your own sake and to save yourself problems in the future you should start in this order.
      • Phonology: decied what sounds you wants and dont want, what is equal to what and what isnt? What nyances does your conlang make between sounds and which doesnt? Korean dont differ between B and P but P and Ph and other languages makes further distinctions others make less. Dont be too scared about the sound amount as long as you dont throw things in randomly, keep an order of things whe…

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EmperorZelos EmperorZelos 21 April 2010

Kitchen Sink

As this is a thing most conlangers fear i thought I could make a blog post about my thoughts on it with additional input.

Some think a kitchen sink language (KSL) is a conlang with just alot of features in it and have loads of various sounds.

That cannot possibly be it because there are loads of languages with lots of wierd things stuck togather into what could be considered a mess but have an inherent structure in the language. Same goes with sounds, there are natural languages with tons of consonants and tons of vowels again seemingly randomly put togather. And most certainly none of us conlangers would in their sane mind call a perfectly natural language a KSL now would we? Of course not, thats absurd. Going to a native speaker and say "…

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EmperorZelos EmperorZelos 19 April 2010

Skin and Icon

After a slight mishatch with the skin it is back to normal.

Though I do think we should be opening the idea of changing the skin and icon of the site, or not.

I open the floor to anyone to suggest a skin or icon at will

The Emperor Zelos 22:36, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

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TimeMaster TimeMaster 19 April 2010


What happened to the yellow skin we have head since a few hours ago and a long a time before that? I don't like the grey skin, it looks too dark. But in Preferences there are new skins and some of the old skins are gone. —Preceding signed comment added by TimeMaster (talk • contribs) 20:34, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

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Akvii Akvii 19 April 2010

Natlang vs. Conlang Discussion

Hey everyone, I know some of you, me especially, may be very strict about giving out personal details, however I was just wondering where everyone came from, country wise? I am from downunder in Australia. Also I just wanted to know because no one seems to be online when I am, which can sometimes be annoying.

Does anyone here, except myself and Zelos, speak more than one language? I asume there would be a few of us.

It would be good to find out when the majority of us are online as then we can get some real discussion between everyone going about conlangs (as nothing is better than other people's view, even though it might not be what we want criticism helps) instead of having discussions where I, and maybe some others, have to wait a day t…

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Seaton10 Seaton10 17 April 2010

Added Stuff to Ferzhic Page

Added heaps of stuff from my own files to that Ferzhic page, a lot of the organisation and tabbibg of it got messed up, spose illl have to fix it sometime, cant be bothered now, anyway, ill keep chipping away.

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Kurisuchina.rorude Kurisuchina.rorude 18 November 2009

hmm verbs

to try something w/skmsyg

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Atizablaze Atizablaze 10 July 2009

My first conlang experiences

Hi! I am Atizablaze and I will use this blog page to tell you about my first conlang experiences. I hope you forgive me if my english has grammar or spelling mistakes because my mother tounge is not english, it is spanish. But I will do my best effort here:

First of all, I want to say that being a rookie conlanger is some of the best things that have happened to me in my whole life, it has been very funny, very useful and it has helped me to learn other languages like polish and esperanto. Because of this, I have been able to learn them more easily and I have got some fame because of this experience. Why do I say that?

  • the first language I began doing is Katian language and you have no idea of how much has the Katian language changed since I…

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