Where to start[]

Helping the learning process[]

During the Spanglish tutorial

  • Practise. The more you practise, the easier Spanglish will become!
  • Think about what you have learnt
  • Remember that you can always go back over the lesson to refresh your memory
  • Use the glossary and word list whenever you like
  • Look out for Latin phrases in use today - some are discussed during the lessons
  • Look for similarities and links between Spanglish words and their English meaning.
Castele/ Spanglish English
Año Year
Olle To hear
Amús Love
Dez ten
Dezir To say
Hógar House
Labor labour
Manu Hand
Mázer Mother
Pázer Father
Tempu Time


Presti Today
Ablar To talk


Lesson 1[]

What is a verb?[]

A verb is a word that describes an action. Verbs are often called ‘doing’ words. Examples of verbs: to work, to call, to pray, to be, to think.

First conjugation verbs[]

Verbs are divided into groups called conjugations. You can recognise first conjugation verbs as they end ‘are’.

These are examples of first conjugation verbs

confirmo I confirm
do I give
laboro I build
opuso I work
Accipto I take
Charlaro I talk
llamo I call

To conjugate, or list the parts, of first conjugation verbs

  1. Remove the last vowel if there are no Consonants, if there is one just add these to the ending.
  2. Add these endings
  3. In the third row is what goes in front of the words
-o I lo
-a you Vos
-a,a,a he/she/it é,ela,ep
-amos we nos
-a you untis
-man they


-man they(feminim) Elas

Look at our example of Confirma

Spanglish Means in English

Lo confirmo

I confirm

Vos confirma

you confirm

él Confrima, Ela confirma, ep confirma

he/she/it confirms
Nos Confirmamos we confirm
Utis confirma you confirm
Elos confirmman they confirm

lesson 2[]