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Indo-European[edit | edit source]

According to Wikipedia: "The Indo-European languages are a family (or phylum) of several hundred related languages and dialects, including most major current languages of Europe, the Iranian plateau, and South Asia

Dark green: Countries with a majority of speakers of IE languages Light green: Countries with an IE minority language with official status

and also historically predominant in Anatolia. With written attestations appearing since the Bronze Age, in the form of the Anatolian languages and Mycenaean Greek , the Indo-European family is significant to the field of historical linguistics as possessing the longest recorded history after the Afroasiatic family."

Indo-European languages[edit | edit source]

The Encyclopedia Britannica lists the following subfamilies: "The well-attested languages of the Indo-European family fall fairly neatly into the 10 main branches listed below; these are arranged according to the age of their oldest sizable texts":

  • Anatolian

    The full tree of Indo-European languages, according to Wikipedia

  • Indo-Iranian
  • Greek
  • Armenian
  • Tocharian
  • Celtic
  • Albanian

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