Gia, studenti! This course is intended to teach the prospective learner Cirtanian- a language spoken by 8 million people on the island of Cirtania, where it is the official language, and by many in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, the Balkans and Albania. This course expects the reader to be at least moderately proficient in linguistics, know basic IPA and have at least a general familiarity with Romance languages- not an unreasonable expectation given the nature of this website.

Before you start, see Cirtanian Phonology so you understand how to pronounce Cirtanian.

The first lesson will only cover basic phrases and vocabulary. Memorize the following lists (most of them won't be used until next lesson.)


  • Gia!: hey!, hi! or bye! (informal, colloquial), from Greek γεια
  • Sal tui: hello, greetings (more formal, singular), translation of Greek γεια σου
  • Sal vui: plural of sal tui
  • Azio: goodbye (a (to) + zio (accusative of zis (God)), compare Spanish addiós)
  • Efciariz: thanks, thank you, from Greek ευχαριστο
  • Ciariz: shortening of efciariz
  • Cumo stai?: how are you?
  • Cumo staz?: how are y'all?
  • Cumo ti: me too (lit. as you)


  • amik (f)- female friend
  • amix (m)- male friend (or mixed gender in plural)
  • bien (adv)- well
  • es (con)- and
  • eser (v)- be
  • figliă (f)- daughter
  • figliăs (m)- son
  • giu (pro)- I
  • cas (f)- house
  • cumo (adv)- how, like, as
  • mater (f)- mother
  • milar (v)- speak
  • parlar (v)- chat
  • pater (m)- father
  • tekno (n)- child, baby (spelled with k as its borrowed from Greek)
  • to (pro)- you
  • Cirtauno (n)- Cirtania 
  • Cirtaugnan (f)- the Cirtanian language
  • cirtaugnans (m)- a Cirtanian person (can refer to either gender)

Short Practice[]

Practice translating the following lines.

Tekno: Gia, pater! Cumo stai?

Pater: Bien, ciariz. Es to, figliăs?

Tekno: Cumo to.

Pater es tekno parlans (3rd pl of parlar)

Tekno: Azio, pater!

Pater: Gia.