There are specific rules and regulations which honoured languages work in accordance. There are currently two honourings a language can be given. Notice changes can occure in all groups no matter what time


These are languages that have been specially picked by the administration as they will be of high quality, plausibility and realistic. The page will have efficient look and done in a semi-professional manner, light grammatical errors are alright as they will naturally slip in. They will be given this banner to mark it, nominations and suggestions for this may be done by anyone at Contionary: Admins Pick Nominating

This language has been selected by the administration as an example language.
It has reached a high level of completeness and detail.

These languages will have their translation in the featured banner but may not be in the voting of being featured

Voted On[]

These are voted forth by the community, Handpicked languages may not join these contests, but any once featured conlang may become Handpicked afterward after a few months. They are nominated and then voted by the community. Upon winning they are immortalized in the featured banner with their own translation of the text and it is placed at the top of their page.

This language was once featured.
Thanks to its level of quality, plausibility and usage capabilities, it has been voted as featured.