these are the biggest cities of yeul.

native name Yeul script transliteration population
筒市 룐쉬닽 rōnstad 0 308 540 人
宙市 튀럐쉬다 drysta 0 243 570 人
雪市 계터쉬다 koudesta 0 348 620 人
雪町 계토류푸 koudorūpu 0 056 830 人
水市 미저쉬다 mizesta 0 736 450 人
水京 짜들쉬로 wateurslo 1 104 630 人
本町 볘교토류 boukōdorū 0 038 840 人
森市 쪹쉬닽 woudstad 0 643 540 人
山市 처쉬다 yasta 0 480 540 人
南京 섙쉬로 sydslo 2 867 480 人
北西京 늘쩌쉬로 neurweslo 5 308 710 人
貝市 씻서쉬닽 vissestad 0 348 460 人
月市 먄쉬다 mānsta 0 487 340 人


the storyEdit


"추리고허마칫" yuriko he mayis

The monarch of Yeul is called 추리고허마칫, at the age of 14 the monarch gains the power over Yeul. The first son of the monarch always get the name 추리고허마칫, though to be able to separate the ones in the family he also gets a name, known to the public, but never called by the public.

The power of the monarch comes from the time the Yeulans entered this planet. One man, called 추리고허마칫 took leadership in founding the city and country they now live in.

bloodline (list of all 추리고허마칫)Edit

year start of rularship number name (yeul) name (latin) year of birth
1867 1st 추리고 yuriko ~ (not in this world) ~
1884 2nd yan 1870
1907 3rd 뚜고 thuko 1893
1929 4th 리온 rion* 1915
1948 5th teun 1934
1969 6th mid 1955
1986 7th 다란 taran 1972
2005 8th 추긴 yukin 1991
~2021~ 9th 추운 yuon 2007

* Rion is the brother of the first 추리고하마칫 of Thule.


1867 Error of time-travel (late autumn early winter)Edit

The first appearance of the Yeulans in this world when the Yeulans from the current world attempted a mass-time travel. The concept of time-traveling has been proven right and been executed well by yeulans, though the first time they tried to put back 12 386 humans there was an error in the massive time-travel-machine that teleported them to an alternate world in a possible alternate universe, this world. When they found out they had teleported to a deserted place they tried to fix the broken machines, but after 20 failed attempts in two months they realized they had to start their own society.

1868 Founding of the city 北西京 (spring and summer)Edit

The Yeulans realized they ended up north by calculating the height of the sun and inspecting the weather. They realized this world was nearly the same as earth and they knew they were in what is in our world called Scandinavia. The Yeulans had teleported to a spot that looked great to build a city, and with some modern technology they built a running city in no time. 추리고허마칫 (yuriko he mayis) was chosen to be the ruler, as he had taken rulership while building the city.

Under the rule of 추리고허마칫 the city started to grow rapidly and a great agricultural system was --" activated "--. The city was doing great.

1871 Outgrowth of the city 北西京 and the expeditionsEdit

Due to rapid grow of the Yeulan city 北西京, 추리고허마칫 planned expeditions to the north. The Yeulans found valuable metals in the vast mountain range of Scandinavia, the started --mining- these metals. Also due to their knowledge that Norway had vast amounts of oil burried underneath the sea, 추리고허마칫 ordered expeditions on the sea, and found the same and enourmeus amounts of oil.

1873 First contact with De NederbelgEdit

추리고허마칫's expeditions were succesfull and he also ordered to go and take a look at the south, here expeditioners found De Nederbelg. 추리고허마칫 ordered some linguists to investigate and learn the language of Xynder. This was done with quick succes. The Yeulans realized the north of De Nederbelg was actually deserted by the mainland of the country, and they offered to form one country, the country called Yeul.

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