Republic of Zzatudstan (Zzatud: Мӭԅатуд Ҟаиѳис, Maezzatud Khailhis, Russian: Республика Цатудстан), or Zzatudstan (Zzatud: Ԅатудкӓӧнѳ, Zzatudkroanlh) for short, is a country in the Middle Asia in Conlang Conworld. In the real world, the territory of Zzatudstan belongs to Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

The name "Zzatudstan"[]

The term "Republic of Zzatudstan" in Zzatud is actually "Мӭԅатуд Ҟаиѳис", which literally means "Republic of The Zzatud". However, the Kazakh people use the name "Цатудстан" (The land of Zzatud) instead of Zzatud name "Ԅатудкӓӧнѳ", and most countries, except for Asian countries, keep that Turkish name.





Six Lazyunates[]

Zzatud Lazyunate[]

People's Republic of Zzatud and East Balkhash Republic[]

Zzatud Soviet Socialist Republic[]

Republic of Zzatudstan[]


Naming Tradition[]

Most surnames of Zzatud people are either patronyms or matronyms. That is, a man/woman's first name deicdeds his/her son/daughter's surname. Yet, their surnames are in the front of their names, unlike European names. For instance:


As for Встийфиԗ Ѕолҟан, her surname "Встийфиԗ" comes from her father, Кэзлитиԗ Встийф. The term "Встийфиԗ" means "... of Встийф", so that "Встийфиԗ Ѕолҟан" is literally "Ѕолҟан, who belongs to Встийф".

Ones surname can come from ones mother as well. Take the son of Встийфиԗ Ѕолҟан, Ѕолҟанӥџ Ёфсаӓн, for example, his surname is made of his mother's first name, instead of his father's.

Since ones surname stands for his relation between himself and one of his parent, the surname must be in genetive case. Thus, most Zzatud surnames end in either "иԗ" (masculine genetive) or "ӥџ" (femiline genetive).

Both ones surname and first name are decided by his parents at the same time, so that people can still tell two people with the same first name apart.