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Frontal Dorsal
Bilabiodental Gloto-


Dental Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal/


Obstruent Plosives f, b t, d k, g q, qg /ɢ/
Nasals (and r's) m n, r ny/ñ /ɲ/ qn /ɴ/, qr /ʀ/
Sonorants Fricatives (+l and aproximant's) f, v, w h s z /θ/, x /ʃ/, l y /j/ j /χ/


Front Central Back
High i · ï /y/ u
Mid e /e̞/ ë /ə/ o /o̞/
Low a /ä/ · ä /ɒ̈/

ë /ə/ can't have any dipthongs:

a e i o u ï ä
a X ae ai ao au X
e ea X ei eo eu
i ia ie X io iu X
o oa oe oi X ou X
u ua ue ui uo X X
ï X X X X
ä X äe äi X äu X X


The sylable structure is (O)(S)V(S)(O), when O stands for Obstruents, S is for Sonorants.

Also, the language has a feature called "place harmony":

It dishtinguish beetween Frontal and Dorsal consonants and syllables can't have both types of consonants at once

This cause that any prefix or sufix that have a consonant, to have two versions: A Frontal and a Dorsal




All nouns doesn't inflect for number, gender or person. Instead there can have a article before than instead get's the inflection.

Article Table
Cl. Nm. Singular Plural
Ps. Gd. Md. M N F M N F
E I qaqnonyi qaqnonyijo qaqnonyij qaqnonyija
N nonyi nonyijo nonyij nonyija
F fanonyi fanonyijo fanonyij fanonyija
I I pesonye pesonyejo pesonyej pesonyeja
N sonye sonyejo sonyej sonyeja
F fasonye fasonyejo fasonyej fasonyeja
I qeqro qeqrï qeqra qeqrïjo qeqrïj qeqrïja
N ergo ergï erga ergïjo ergïj ergïja
F zeqro zeqrï zeqra zeqrïjo zeqrïj zeqrïja
I perabfa pedïtav pededev perabfaso pedïtavuj pededevuja
N rabfa dïtav dedev rabfaso dïtavuj dedevuja
F zeqragfa fadïtav fadedev fadïtavujo fadïtavuj fadedevuja
4º (Art.) I qeqgëxo qeqgëx qeqgëxa qeqgëjo qeqgëj qeqgëja
N eqgëxo eqgëx eqgëxa eqgëjo eqgëj eqgëja
F zeqgëxo zeqgëx zeqgëxa zeqgëjo zeqgëj zeqgëja


Nouns can also be adverbs and both can be verbs or adjetives with the apropiate sufix

[-(u)ʃ, -(u)t ] "-(u)x, -(u)t" - Noun to Verb

[-(o)q, -(o)h] "-(o)q, -(o)h" - Noun to Adjective


There are 8 types of animacy, each name will have a animacy class, but if the animacy class is needed to be other than the animacy it has, you can add prefixes to the referant:

A. Type Frontal Dorsal
Ethereal -izq -ist
Syntetic -ilq -ivt
Elemental -izk -ifp
Behaviourus -ast -axk
Kinetic -ahp -ajk
Person -asd -axg
Unknowed (Eth,Syn,Elm) -uzq -uft
Unknowed (Bhv,Knt,Prs) -usp -uxp


All the verbs are derivate with the "Noun to Verb" suffix, also the verbs can inflect by tense and verbal mood

Verbal System

The first thing that is necesary to do is to put a vowel sufix, marking tense and aspect

Past Present Future
Perfect -o/ø -ua
Imperfect -eï -aï

Then the verb is modified with a verb case sufix

Frontal Dorsal
Near -r -qr
Far -n -qn
Imperative -t -q
Intentional -h -j
Potential -s -x

Combinatory Tables

Modal Near Far Imperative
Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal
Perfect Past -ér -éqr -én -éqn -ét -éq
Present -o/ø -or/r -oqr/qr -on/n -oqn/qn -ot/t -oq/q
Future -ua -uar -uaqr -uan -uaqn -uat -uaq
Imperfect Past -eï -eïr -eïqr -eïn -eïqn -eït -eïq
Present -ïr -ïqr -ïn -ïqn -ït -ïq
Future -aï -aïr -aïqr -aïn -aïqn -aït -aïq
Near Modal Far
Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal
Perfect Past -éhr -éjqr -éh -éj -éhn -éjqn
Present -ohr/hr -ojqr/jqr -oh/h -oj/j -ohn -jqn/jqn
Future -uahr -uajqr -uah -uaj -uahn -uajqn
Imperfect Past -eïhr -eïjqr -eïh -eïj -eïhn -eïjqn
Perfect -ïhr -ïjqr -ïh -ïj -ïhn -ïjqn
Future -aïhr -aïjqr -aïh -aïj -aïhn -aïjqn

Near Modal Far
Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal Frontal Dorsal
Perfect Past -ésr -éxqr -és -éx -ésn -éxqn
Present -osr/sr -oxqr/xqr -os/s -ox/x -osn/sn -oxqn/xqn
Future -uasr -uaxqr -uas -uax -uasn -uaxqn
Imperfect Past -eïsr -eïxqr -eïs -eïx -eïsn -eïxqn
Perfect -ïsr -ïxqr -ïs -ïx -ïsn -ïxqn
Future -aïsr -aïxqr -aïs -aïx -aïsn -aïxqn


The verbs evidenciallity is optional, and its marked with gramatical particles that also can be glued by removing the first consonant.

Type Frontal Dorsal Meaning
Self-Evident wafada yazaga Is self-evident and/or

the verb implicit's it (heard, saw or comunicated)

Evident wata yaqa Is evident because the

subjects know firmly the topic

Pseudoevident wasto yaxqo The sentence's meaning is firmly

plausible based on the current evidence

Plausible womas yonya The sentence's meaning is plausible

based on the current evidence

Thinkable womit yonyiq The sentence's meaning is

thinkable based on the current evidence

Theoric winais yixaig The topic is fundamented in previous evidence

that could be wrong and/or is a well-base theory

Speculative witow yiqoy The topic is fundamented in previous non-checked evidence

that could be wrong and/or is an ADHOC-based theory

Ironic wereto yeqreqo The sentence is completely

ironic, don't take it serious

Superficial wuno yuqno You know the stereotypical

information about the topic

Unknowed wuwu yuyu You dont know anything about the topic

Writing System

p b t d m n r w
k g q ɢ ɲ ɴ ʀ j
a i u ɒ̈ y ə
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