Faka                     Pen (writing)

Falha                    Grace

Fam                      Yes

Farlas                   Even though, despite the fact

Fartusoi To settle (a colony)

Faskin                  Next

Faziroi                  To believe (a person)

Feresoi                 To care for

Feresokra             Nurse

Fetkoi                   To envy

Feyorta                 Piano

Fik                        Well…

Firsofin                  Kind

Firurmoi                To swim

Fisra                    Tree

Fitisa                   Slave

Fivya                    Name

Fiyevroi                To name

Fobrha                 Respect

Fohespha            Subject (topic)

Foiproi                 Might (may, could, etc)

Folma                 Day

Fostagin               Passive

Foza                   Air

Fpepoi                To amuse

Fransin               French

Friza                   Coldness

Frizin                 Cold

Frizoi                 To cool, make cold

Frkra                  Chalk

Fromemoi          To evaporate

Fta                    Arrow

Ftersoi               To show, reveal

Ftifra                  Fluorine

Ftoven                After

Fudin                  Ugly

Fufrhorma           Sweatshirt

Fufrin                 Thick

Fukudra              Arsenic

Fumeloi              To beget

Furegin               Blue

Fuska                 Idea

Fuvoi                  To know (facts)

Fwastoi              To slide (transitive, use kub for intransitive)

Fwi                     As (as big as…etc)