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Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect



Bilabial Labio-dental Alveolar Palato-alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m ɱ n ɲ ŋ
Plosive p b t d k g
Fricative ɸ β f v s z ʃ ʒ x ɣ
Affricate ts
Approximant ɹ j
Trill r
Lat. Fricative ɬ ɮ
IPA Cyrillic
[p] П п
[b] Б б
[t] Т т
[d] Д д
[k] К к
[g] Г г
[m] М м
[ɱ] М̣ м̣
[n] Н н
[ŋ] Ӈ ӈ
[ɲ] Нь нь
[j] Й й
[ɹ]  Р р
[r] Ҏ ҏ
[s] С с
[z] З з
[f] Ф ф
[v] В в
[ɸ] Фъ фъ
[β] Въ въ
[j] Й й
[w]   Ў ў
[ʃ] Ш ш
[ʒ] Ж ж
[x] Х х
[ɣ] Ҕ ҕ
[ɬ] Щ щ
[ɮ] Љ љ

When the syllable /ўу/ or /ўу́/ occurs, it is pronounced as [wʊ] or [wʊ:]

When the syllable /йи/ or /йи́/ occurs, it is pronounced as [jɪ] or [jɪ:]

About ь and ъ[]

ь is used for palatalized character, specifically нь and ӊь.

ъ on the other hand is used as a general word modifier.


Front Near-Front Central Near-Back Back
Close i y ɯ u
Near-Close (ɪ) (ʊ)
Close-mid e o
Mid (ǝ)
Open a
IPA Normal Geminated
[a~ǝ] А а А́ а́
[i] И и И́ и́
[u] У у У́ у́
[o] О о О́ о́
[e] Е е Е́ е́
[y]  Ю ю Ю́ ю́
[ɯ] Ы ы Ы́ ы́


When word final, the phoneme /a/ becomes [ǝ]


Syllabic structure[]


Possible Syllables[]

а и у о е ю ы
п па пи пу по пе пю пы
б ба би бу бо бе бю бы
т та ти ту то те тю ты
д да ди ду до де дю ды
к ка ки ку ко ке кю кы
г га ги гу го ге гю гы
м ма ми му мо ме мю мы
ӎ ӎа ӎи ӎу ӎо ӎе ӎю ӎы
м̣ м̣а м̣и м̣у м̣о м̣е м̣ю м̣ы
м̇ м̇а м̇и м̇у м̇о м̇е м̇ю м̇ы
н на ни ну но не ню ны


ӊи ӊу ӊо ӊе ӊю ӊы
ӈ ӈа ӈи ӈу ӈо ӈе ӈю ӈы
ҥ ҥа ҥи ҥу ҥо ҥе ҥю ҥы
нь ньа ньи ньу ньо нье нью ньы
ӊь ӊьа ӊьи ӊьу ӊьо ӊье ӊью ӊьы
р ра ри ру ро ре рю ры
ҏ ҏа ҏи ҏу ҏо ҏе ҏю ҏы
с са си су со се сю сы
з за зи зу зо зе зю зы
ф фа фи фу фо фе фю фы
в ва ви ву во ве вю вы
фъ фъа фъи фъу фъо фъе фъю фъы
въ въа въи въу фъо въе въю въы
й йа йи йу йо йе йю йы
ў ўа ўи ўу ўо ўе ўю ўы
ш ша ши шу шо ше шю шы
ж жа жи жу жо же жю жы
х ха хи ху хе хо хю хы
ҕ ҕа ҕи ҕу ҕе ҕо ҕю ҕы
щ ща щи щу ще що шю шы
љ ља љи љу ље љо љю љы
ц ца ци цу цо це цю цы
  • any of these syllables' vowels may be geminated.


Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Nouns No Yes Yes No No No No No
Adjectives No No No No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns No No No Yes Yes No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article No No No No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No


Verbs have four conjugation "slots." The first slot is occupied by the prefix for aspect, which is always farthest from the verb's stem. Second, there is the number prefix, which agrees with the number of the subject. Next there is tense, and last is the prefix for person agreement with the subject, which is always adjacent to the verb's stem.

Verb Conjugation Template
(aspect) (number) (tense) (person) verb stem


simple progressive perfective perfect progressive
-- ики- паси- га-


singular dual trial quadral plural
-- -кори- -ноу- -сако- -си́ри-


remote past recent past yesterday earlier today present later today tomorrow near future remote future
-ними- -напу- -мани- -ника- -- -ака- -ҏа- -писа- -гами-


first second third
-ти- -мамо- -и-


Nouns also have conjugation "slots" but only two. First there is case. There is also number.



Adessive ма near the tree
Apudessive до́ next to the tree
Inessive ра inside the tree
Intrative пу between the trees
Pertingent ама touching the tree
Subessive то́ under the tree
Superessive рако above the tree
Ablative мими away from the tree
Allative дико́ to the tree
Illative мано into the tree
Sublative мюне onto the tree/under the tree
Terminative ваво as far as the tree
Vialis меме by way of the tree
Temporal кеа́ at one tree
Instructive кюа by means of the tree
Instrumental тсо with (using) the tree
Aversive тсю avoiding the tree
Benefactive пико for the tree
Causal тсетсе because of the tree
Comitative ю with the tree
Genetive отсо́ of the tree
Abessive пита without the tree
Equative ки́ similar to the tree
Adverbial де́ as a tree


Singular --
Dual детсо
Trial меки
Quadral де
Plural му


Tense and Person

First Second Third
Remote Past кетси дера саки
Recent Past пити па́ки дема
Yesterday наки вю́ го
Earlier Today тсу вако бидо
Present еми тасу тсы
Later Today со кю ба
Tomorrow рипа ме нано
Near Future куси гаву ву
Distant Future тсаки дова дадо


Number Prefix
Singular --
Dual оно-
Trial пюка-
Quadral демо-
Plural вема-

Definite Markers

Definite Indefinite
-амо -ево


Remote Past Recent Past Yesterday Earlier Today Present Later Today Tomorrow Near Future Remote Future
ӎе ӈико ева ыми ве кюӊа ҏе гетса вави



Noun phrase - consists of (in order) Adjective,  noun

Verb phrase - consists of (in order) Adverb, verb

Subordinate clauses are treated as regular sentences, with missing arguments implied and present arguments overwriting assumed ones. Subordinate clauses are marked for case and still function as arguments.


Main article: Denoko Pitō Vocab

Sample Sentences[]

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Graded Sentences for Analysis (GSFA)

Муваготси си́рии́ратаниа.

Birds sing.

Мукена си́ри́гики.
Children play.
Муевита си́ри́ба́ка.

Dogs bark.

Муагюка си́ри́а́.
Bees hum.