Delang does not just have a handful of adjectives for stating relative temperatures, like English "hot", "warm", "cold", "freezing", but has a more specific list. The adjectives are divided into solids, liquids and gases, defaulting respectively to food, water and air. Other solids, liquids and gases has to be specified together with the adjective. As these adjectives are specific they are not declined.

Description °C/°F Solids Liquids Gases
Delang adjectives for relative temperatures
Boiling - - stauni -
Scolding 55+/131+ skaf skafi skafa
Too hot to touch and consume, but not scolding 45-55/113-131 fidi
Too hot to touch, but not to consume 40-50/104-122 taqde
Hot 35-40/95-104 het
Warm 25-35/77-95 wami
Comfortable 15-25/60-77 kati
Cold 10-15/50-60 qri
Cool to consume 5-10/40-50 qaqde -
Freezing -5-+5/23-40 adi
Solidifying - - fauni -
Liquefying - -
Thawing/Melting -  (ice) - -
Icy 1-4/34-39 adem -
Too cold to touch - bidi
Too cold to touch without immediate damage - xaudi

Temperatures are only a guide.