Elene: Unit 1 Lesson 1[]

Describing Yourself and Others[]

Vocab 1.1[]

For help with Learner Pronunciation, see here.

Elene Learner Pronunciation English
eme I/me
ette et.che you
assa he/she/it/xe
è e to be
êe e I am
êt et you are
ês es he/she/it/xe is
emite e.mi.che we
etitte e.chit.che you guys
asitta a.shit.ta they
êi ey we are
ête e.che you guys are
êse e.she they are
e e the
i i a
o o of
ol ol and
mette met.che very
inè i.nye not
imege happy
emÿauti e.myaw.chi sad
ipe angry
gustoune artistic
futtone intelligent
hioqaqqe sporty
otjule o.chu.le musical
qeotani ke.o.ta.nyi talented
anuete tall
butin bu.chin short
ehe e.hye old
uvalai young
olotjai o.lo.chay studious
minjõi mi.nyooy lazy

Verb Review[]

Present: è - to be

êe êi
êt ête
ês êse

Practice Sentences[]

Translate the following questions. Answers below!

1. Etitte ête qeotani.
2. Lucy ês mette olotjai.
3. Êe inè minjõi!
4. We are tall.
5. They are happy.
6. You are not very old.


The Vowel A

A is pronounced in IPA as [a]. It is similar to the a in father and cat. Try to say:
assa la faltu

The Diphthongs AI and AU

AI is pronounced in IPA as [aj]. This is similar to the igh in high, but cut somewhat shorter.
AU is pronounced in IPA as [aw]. This is similar to the ow in the English word how.
nalamâis auarâus

The Consonants B and D

B is pronounced in IPA as [b], just like in English. Like b in boat.
D is pronounced in IPA as [d], exactly like English dog. But, if it is followed by and E, I, or J, it makes the IPA [d͡ʒ] sound. This is just like the j in jump.
bomnatta dordutja dadja

Practice Answers[]

1. You guys are talented.
2. Lucy is very studious.
3. I am not lazy!
4. Emite êi anuete.
5. Asitta êse imege.
6. Ette êt inè mette ehe.