Anne will neah Suþ-Afrika faren. Þærfœr þarf scie anen Færepass haben, ak her Færepass is agan. Scie gæþ þærum tom Gemothus and askeþ anem Ambihtscalk um Informationen:

   Anne wants to travel to South Africa. She needs a passport for that, but her passport has expired. Therefore she goes to town hall and asks a civil servant for information:

Dæȝ, Herr, kyðest þu miȝ to secgen, hwær ic meinen Færepass kann edniwen læten?

   Hello Sir, would you be able to tell me where I could get my passport renewed?

Goden Middæȝ, Frowe. Siccer scallst þu þen Lift tor fierþen Flœring nimen, and þær findest þu þat Setl. Nu nis ȝiet open. Nu is Nongererd.

   Good afternoon, Ma'am. Certainly, you best take the elevator to the fourth floor and there you will find a counter. Except that it will not be open yet. It is lunch time.

Hwenn kann ic geholpen werðen?

   When can I be helped?

Þat dureþ anfalde an paar Minuten. Þann biþ half tweȝn.

   It will only take a few minutes. Then it will be half past one.

Wast þu geween, hu lang ane Ferlængerung forga?

   Would you know perhaps how long the extension process will take?

Þat ne darr ic efne secgen, ak ane oþþe twa Wuken scolde duren.

   I dare not say precisely, but a week or two most likely.