Félorian (Floriån) is a Conlang with bits of language from a parallel world known as Earth. Approx. 3 million people speak it in a small mountainous country known as Félonå. Félorian is not spoken anywhere else. The capital of Félonå is Tanchūne, which is Félorian for books 


  • 3.5 million people approx.
  • Main language: Félorian
  • Cold climate
  • Most populated city: Spinën
  • Capital: Tanchūne
  • Lakes & rivers: 3 lakes, 4 rivers

Basic Words[]

Ÿe - I, Me[]

Pronouced Ey-eh

Tâ - You (singular)[]

Pronounced Tah

Onå - She/Her[]

Pronounced Oy-nah

Vanö - He/Him[]

Pronounced Va-noh

Tânde - You (plural)[]

Pronounced Tahn-day

Yate̊ - We[]

Pronounced Va-tay

Grammar Rules[]

  • If 2 words next to each other have a vowel in the end of the word (like Tâ) and the word next to it BEGINS in a vowel, (like Onå) then the beginning letter of the SECOND word (which must be a vowel and the end of the word before it must be a vowel) you must take out the vowel and replace it with an apostrophe. For example, Tâ (space) 'nå
  • Past tense verbs must have an A added, but if there is already an A, add an N.

Example Texts[]

Häia, tâ chån spinën?

What, you like music?

Åyshi, ÿel ovail tisinë 'ina Kånad.

My house is in Canada.