Félorian (Floriån) is a Conlang with bits of language from a parallel world known as Earth. Approx. 3 million people speak it in a small mountainous country known as Félonå. Félorian is not spoken anywhere else. The capital of Félonå is Tanchūne, which is Félorian for books 

Félonå Edit

  • 3.5 million people approx.
  • Main language: Félorian
  • Cold climate
  • Most populated city: Spinën
  • Capital: Tanchūne
  • Lakes & rivers: 3 lakes, 4 rivers

Basic Words Edit

Ÿe - I, Me Edit

Pronouced Ey-eh

Tâ - You (singular) Edit

Pronounced Tah

Onå - She/Her Edit

Pronounced Oy-nah

Vanö - He/Him Edit

Pronounced Va-noh

Tânde - You (plural) Edit

Pronounced Tahn-day

Yate̊ - We Edit

Pronounced Va-tay

Grammar Rules Edit

  • If 2 words next to each other have a vowel in the end of the word (like Tâ) and the word next to it BEGINS in a vowel, (like Onå) then the beginning letter of the SECOND word (which must be a vowel and the end of the word before it must be a vowel) you must take out the vowel and replace it with an apostrophe. For example, Tâ (space) 'nå
  • Past tense verbs must have an A added, but if there is already an A, add an N.

Example Texts Edit

Häia, tâ chån spinën?

What, you like music?

Åyshi, ÿel ovail tisinë 'ina Kånad.

My house is in Canada.



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