Tel ne bhoc me ghal[]

Óthóró! Tel ralath me gil!
Tel ghon me Félút ba ínil!
Tel boc dó tol me férén neghal!
Tel óran dí cóbh gon gal!

Té di cór én ditol med;
Lé bér lech me di cóbh óred.
On té délag na gécir cu di ba rín,
Ne cuc di dó íc me én té chín.  

Let The Sun Not Rise.[]

Oohoohoo, Let iron shout
Let wake Faelute's Sword
Let all meet a fiery end
Let us die 'fore day's wake

I have but one wish
To drink well until the end,
So with these words and whiskey in my heart.
No earthly thing shall take me from here.

Let Day Not Come: Rhyming Translation[]

Oohoohoo, Let the iron call out
Let sleeping heroes raise a shout
Let the world end in flame
Let us die before the day has came

This alone is what I think;
For tonight, just let me drink.
While I still hold this whiskey in hand,
Let none take me from this land.

Délag ba Gécir[]

Té ag lú geb dhem.
Té lú ítá cébh balem.
On ratic di me fédel,
Bhé thé at me égel?

Délag! Dél ba gen!
En té ag bhen bér cór tol labhen
Té bénan cór balin na dol
Té rún del ít cór tol.  

Whiskey's Song[]

It's a long way.
Much lies between me and my home.
If dryness strikes,
What is there?

Whiskey! Life's Water!
The greatest thing in all the town.
A friend to weak and strong,
Loved by all!

Péladí ba Gécir[]

Gécir di ba éndhí
del di me pél adhí
pon di ba tenira.
Té ítibh cu éndhí ba gécira,

Cór nég bérad lenár
Cór níl pél nilár
In gécir tol ítibh me aradon
Tel calím me di ce én chon.  

Blackbird's song.[]

A blackbird sings
of my youth to me
for to get my bread.
They are songs of youth.

Of the flowing white rivers
Of the high black caverns
All these things the harp sings of,
I cannot forget one.