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This language was once featured.
Thanks to its level of quality, plausibility and usage capabilities, it has been voted as featured.

Rangyayo is the most recent winner. Please visit the Archive for more information.


For all those complaining about KSLs (Kitchen Sink Languages) go here and for those who are interested, there is a list of sentences here. Those of you who are able to translate these into your conlang have a language that is essentially complete.

3 days, 21 hours and 9 minutes left to nominate!

  • Nominations for the July contest are open!


  1. A user may not nominate more than one conlang during the same nomination period.
  2. The language must have the banner translated or be in a stage where it can be done by anyone, please display this in your conlang's article.
  3. When you nominate a conlang state its purpose in the description.
  4. Winning conlangs may be re-nominated once 3 months have passed


Vote for or against a language, you don't have to do both, if you think it has only cons then you vote con and describe why pro or con. You may change or remove your votes before the deadline.


  1. Self voting does not count towards the total (there are far too few of us to dilute the effect).
    1. Pro vote on oneself is a self vote
    2. Con vote on everyone else is self vote
    3. You may vote cons on all but one as a non-nominee, as nominee it is all but two. Pro votes may go to all but one's own conlang.
  2. Unregistered users may not vote, but are still welcome to post comments and such.
  3. Newly registered users may not vote for 3 weeks and must be working on a conlang of some sort, but are also still welcome to post comments.
  4. Try voting what you think looks best in accordance to these criteria:
    1. Realism: Does the language look as if it could be spoken, written, listened to and read understandably?
    2. Goal achievement: Does it reach the goal it is meant to fulfil, if it is intended to be universal then judge accordingly, if it tries being natural then judge accordingly too.
    3. Completeness: How close is it to completion?
  5. Bots (ZeBot) cannot vote at all.

June 2012

10 days, 21 hours and 9 minutes left until voting closes!


Please nominate any language you see fit! A motivating sentence is appreciated.


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