Galleigu is a q-Celtic language spoken in the autonomous community of Gallei (Galicia) nestled in the Northwest corner of the Iberian peninsula in Spain and Portugal, much like the Basque Country. Their name comes from the pre-Roman Gallaeci confederation of Celtic tribes.


An example of Gallaic:

Galleigu (Gallaic): "Cadufir ega carandan á courmatéu. Rudéumu á lan courma ega ruídumu cíga máda."

English: "A warrior and friends at the pub. We drank a lot of beer and ate good meat."

Some elements of the Gallaic phrase:

Cadufir: Warrior

Cadu: Battle

Fir: Man

Courmatéu (courma+téu): beer+house (pub)

Ru-: prefix indicating a past tense verb.

-mu: suffix used with personal pronoun "we".

Ruídumu (Ru-ídu-mu / past-eat-us): "We ate"

-Ríman- (Numbers)

1: óen 2: dua 3: tri 4: cedur 5: cenga 6: sés 7: séd 8: ód 9: nava 10: dega

So far I haven't come up with a system of lenition for Gallaic. I know Gaulish has some good evidence for lenition, but I haven't found anything concrete for Celtiberian, yet. There's an inscription in Gallaecia (Galicia) of a name with the element "fidu-" (widu) which is either evidence for lenition, or what I think is more likely, showing the change from W to V/F as in the Irish "Fear" from "Uiros/Viros" (Man).

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