Gelo planet as seen from the orbit

Gelo planet as seen from the orbit

It is a fictional planet that orbits around the Captors' A star - alongside another inhabited planet - in the binary system. The smaller star, Captors' B, also has one inhabited planet. All three inhabited planets show characteristics of terraformed planets, as the age of the system is barely a billion years old, and the stars are yet in the process of heating as it gets to its mature age, although at a very slow pace to the point of being almost unoticeable inside a 10 thousand years age.
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Gelo planet as seen from afar

Since it was a completely barren planet at first, without virtually any water, the Captors brought - apparently from Earth - a great variety of plants and plant-eating animals, thus creating a small copy of Earth's ecosystem. Grass was also brought by the Captors, and they covered a very big part of the continents and thrives to this day, and it is unknown to any researcher if this was their original intent.

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