***this language is in need of complete overhaul***

Type Synthetic
Alignment Nominative-accusative
Head direction Predominantly head-initial
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders Zero
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words of 1500
Creator ICantEdit

Gubzgazl is a language that originally was a subset of Ancient Pencil Language that broke off into a new language when the speakers of The Pencil Language fled to The White Realm to avoid being destroyed by an extremely powerful, artificially-engineered god known as The Seer.

The language allows for sizable consonant clusters, with the largest ones being 5-consonant clusters.

Classification and Dialects[]

Gubzgazl does not have distinct dialects. The language is relatively synthetic and has roughly the same level of synthesis as The Pencil Language, albeit with differences.


Gubzgazl has a relatively small consonant inventory, with only 10 distinct sounds.


Bilabial Alveolar Post-alveolar/palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Plosive /p/ ~ /pʰ/






Fricative /β/ /s/, /z/ ~ /ð̠/ /ʃ/, /ʒ/ /x/, /ɣ/ /χ/, /ʁ/
Approximant /j/
Lateral Approximant /l/
Lateral Fricative /ɬ/, /ɮ/

Gubzgazl uses the 3-vowel system (/i/, /a/, and /u/).


Front Back
High /i/ /ɯ/
Low /a/


Gubzgazl, overall, is relatively much less restrictive over dipthongs than The Pencil Language and allows "aa"*, "ii"*, "uu"*, "ai", and "ui".

*these dipthongs are technically just longer variants of the regular 3 vowels.

Stress is on the antepenultimate syllable if the word starts with a consonant, and is on the first syllable if the word starts with a vowel (stress is on second syllable if the vowel immediately comes before a glottal stop).

Allowed Consonant Clusters[]

Gubzgazl is extremely lenient on consonant clusters, and basically allows whatever consonant clusters as long as it is not two repeated consonants in a row.

Sound Changes[]

/χ/ > /χ/, /ʁ/

Writing System/Orthography[]


Lengthened vowels are always points of stress.



Gubzgazl retained 2 of Ancient TPL's cases (genitive and locative).

The language's alignment is a mix between nominative-accusative and active-stative, and typically they are used interchangeably (although formal texts are usually written exclusively with the agentive-patientive alignment).

tlagtuuk (reliance)
Nominative tlagtukaax
Accusative tlagtuvi'aa
Agentive tlagtuuk (verb)iik
Patientive tlagtuuk (verb)pii
Locative tlagtukiiv
Genitive tlagtukaap

The agentive and patientive markers imply the indicative mood. Removing the agentive and patientive markers while not negating the verb(s) can be used to express dubitative mood; if the verb is negated the agentive and patientive markers will be removed.


Verbs in Gubzgazl conjugate for tense, voice, and mood.

vztukaat (be mysterious)
Past Tense Future Tense Present (Continuous) Tense Infinitive
Dubitative tuvztukaat zavztukaat vuvztukaat vztukaat
Indicative tuvztuktiik zavztuktiik vuvztuktiik vztuktiik
Subjunctive tuvztukaat xhaash zavztukaat xhaash vuvztukaat xhaash vztukaat xhaash

Gubzgazl's tense system, although very regular, is also very complicated.

Relative clauses and regular clauses are typically not distinguished, although the prefix i- can be appended to the verb(s) and noun(s) in the subordinate verb phrase.


Adjectives take little marking and are frequently joined to the head if the phonotactics allow it.

There is an adjectivizer (i- or y- if before a voiced sound), which is used in participle constructions.

Stative verbs (such as "to be different to") are treated as verbs, although they can act as adverbs.

Comparative Affixes[]

Just like in The Pencil Language, there are 2 comparative affixes.

They are:

iil(g)- = comparative marker

ii'ul(g)- = superlative marker

The comparative marker can be added onto a verb to signify the verb is performed multiple times or more times than the object.


Gubzgazl's conjunctions are usually clitics which attach onto the word directly before (e.g. -zh is "and")


The word order is SOV, although it can also have free word order. If the word order is free, agentive and patientive markers are moved onto the noun.


Example text[]


I’uulnub buugvigzhiv i’uuzhiba zhuubilgizh. I’uulnub bugvigng’uulabuv’ i’uuzhiv iilg i’uubaghulgu’ i’uubugvigzhiv giiv zhiiba. Giiv nabuluubabuv i’uuzhiv i’uulgiv liign i’uubizhigu’ Zgaazl, Biivig, Duulg, Iinvig, Viigl, Ghaab, Gaav, Nuubg, Uudi, Buuiv, Laavg, Zliig, Uunun, Luuv, I’aagib, Zhaalav. Zgaazl bugvigbaagivi’ Laavg i’uug’ul Laavg nuug Zgaazl duuvnigul. Zgaazl buugvigvagh ii’ubaghud Laagv. Zgaazl iilbugvignguzga Laavg. Zgaazl buugvigzhiv nuub i’uugan i’uugiv iibg i’aabulugivu’ i’uuzhivu’azh i’uugan iivbibgu giig Zgaazlib. Zhaab nuub i’uugan bugviigi’uibg aab’ungig i’uunub i’uugan buugvigng’iv Zgaazl i’uuibgul nuubib i’uugan. Giiv Zgaazl viighulg i’uui’iv buugvigbug buugig. Giiv buugvigbug Aazub Aagva i’uubazub.


In the beginning, Yeb Wakab created the cosmos. Yeb Wakab split itself into countless pieces which formed the first life. The life grouped together into sixteen civilizations: Awef, Befek, Droolk, Enfeg, Freegl, Hap, Kraf, Nopk, Odhe, Poeef, Rafg, Sweek, Unoon, Wof, Yageeb, and Shawaf. Awef and Rafg were originally allies, although a large war separated the two civilizations. Awef and Rafg developed very differently, with Awef becoming more and more progressive and Rafg devevloping slower. Awef soon created The Seer, an indescribably powerful entity designed to watch over its large expanses of territory. However, The Seer grew too powerful, and almost completely wiped out Awef with its powers. The few surviving Awefians were forced to flee, and eventually found a large realm known as The White Realm.


Yeb Wakab PFV-create REL-first cosmos. Yeb Wakab PFV-separate-REFL REL-create portion REL-NEG-count-PASS REL-PFV-create creature first. creature group-REFL REL-create civilization sixteen REL-name-PASS Awef, Befek, Droolk, Enfeg, Freegl, Hap, Kraf, Nopk, Odhe, Poeef, Rafg, Sweek, Unoon, Wof, Yageeb, Shawaf. Awef PFV-allie Rafg REL-separate Rafg from Awef war-INSTR. Awef PFV-grow Rafg. Awef COMP-PFV-progress Rafg. Awef PFV-create god REL-see REL-entity powerful REL-NEG-describe-PASS REL-create-PASS-DAT REL-see territory big Awef-GEN. But god REL-see PFV-REL-powerful too.much REL-god REL-see PFV-destroy Awef GER-power-INSTR god-GEN REL-see. Creature Awef few REL-live PFV-move fast. Creature realm white REL-realm