Hua Lan is my conlang. It is derrived from Latin, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), and Klingon. It's sound varies between rough and soft, while at times it can sound very much like Spanish or Italian, other times it will take on a more English sound and even other times it can even begin to sound slightly alien.


Hua Lan is spoken in the _______ continents. It is the most common language though there are a few smaller languages. It had approximateley 8 different alphabets, each used depending on the region, though the most wideley used & the most wideley recognized is Jiao, which is an alphabet system similar to the latin alphabet.



Basic Grammar[]

Grammar is simple, instead of having different conjugations like in Spanish, English, and many other languages, it has a set of simple suffixes & words added on to change tense.


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Example text[]

Ka-i nide: