Gek is a language spoken by the Gek people in No Mans Sky. But humans cant pronounce Gek words like the Gek do so Gek for humans is the Gek language for humans. Gek has 2-3 words for each english word a normal word a capitalized word and some words have a diffired word if you shout.

Example of Gek

Hei ket johon onumme. Hei ket yubar blakar

Transelation: Gek are traders. Gek are not corrupt

Diffirence between classic gek and human gek.

The only real diffirence is the pronounciation


The Gek language doesnt have much grammar only real thing is that the word order is the same as in English.


you can make new words by combining then and to make a plural you just add the word johon/Gesgei

( many ) before the word you want to be plural for example: Gesgei duo = many spies ( literaly many spy )


Human Gek is a very "throaty" language the letters r, q and h have a throaty sound Gek can easily be tough of as Arabic due to very simular pronounciation. come learn gek

Gek online courses gek grammar + vocubilary