Improved English[]

Too many things are wrong with English, you say? Well, we shall fix it.


Word Stress[]

The primary stress of a word is on the first syllable, unless the word has a prefix.


The language has long and short vowels, with long ones being indicated by a doubled letter.

Long vowels:[]

  • ee i as in free (alternate ea)
  • oo u as in actual (alternate ou)

Short vowels:[]

  • a - æ as in cat (alternate ah)
  • e - e as in ten (alternate eh)
  • i - ɪ as in sit (alternate ih)
  • o -  as in vote (alternate ow)
  • u - ə as in banana (alternate uh)
  • y - as in try (alternate iy - always used at the start of words)


  • ah - a as in father
  • ai - as in say


The consonants are pronounced as English ones, with the following exceptions.

  • G always makes the g sound as in good.
  • C always makes a K sound as in cat
  • If a word cannot be pronounced, (ə) is added as early as it can be in the word, or just ə if needed.

Some consonants make a different sound when they are followed by an h. They are listed below.

  • sh - ʃ as in shoe
  • th - ð as in this. Only at the start of a word
  • th - θ as in thin. Only inside of or at the end of a word.
  • zh - ʒ as in vision

Sound Change[]

When a sound is not in a stressed word, it can be replaced by a

Word Spelling[]

Words are pronounced as English ones, with the following exceptions.

  • At the beginning of a word, TH is pronounced as is this. At the end, it is pronounced as in bath.
  • For sounds that cannot be spelled, the sound is replaced by the closest sounding one.
  • In the case of two words being spelled the same way, the one that is already spelled that way (or the one that is most commonly used) stays the same. The second is spelled in the alternate way, as above
  • Many Z sounds made with an S are changed to the S sound.


Real - Real

Reel - Reel

Banana - Bunanu

Kitty - Kity

Blue - Bloo

This is a good idea - This is a gud iydeeu.