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Inté is a language spoken by a bunch of freaky half-lion/half-human monstrosities. Since it was deliberately constructed by a group of people completely unfamiliar with the concept of anything other than roaring and growling, the language is relatively simple.


Thousands of years after the human race has finally driven itself to extinction, planet Earth is largely dominated by the

Inte freaky monstrosity

Jazz hands!

evolutionary descendants of lions, who are basically at the same intelligence level as humans were. One day, several European prides get into a huge fight over somebody sleeping with somebody else's mate, and several hundred die. One of the elders from one of the prides, in despair at his species' natural propensity for violence and murder, appeals to the gods for a sudden, apocalypse-like change in his species that might cause them to be a little more peaceful. The gods, always the jokers, respond by replacing every lion's head with the upper half of a human. And it certainly does stop the fighting.

Overwhelmed by their sudden acquisition of two and a half extra feet of height, a third set of limbs, and an inability to roar, groups of confused liontaurs around the world convened to fashion themselves new languages so they can figure out what the hell is going on. Inté is just one of those languages, spoken by the cín Pansera.


There are 30 phonemes in Inté.

Letter A Á E É I Í O Ó U Ú B P D T V F G K Z S


IPA ɑː ɛ ɪ ʊ ʌ b p d t v f ɡ k z s ð θ m n l r w j h ʃ