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Ituyagul (Ituyagul: Ryıtz̠iaq) is an experimental, Ithkuil-based constructed language created by Bowsertendo666 in 2011. It was posted on Conlang Wiki 10 years after creation, with one purpose: to be the most grammatically complex language to learn, even more than Ithkuil I (1978), acting as a bridge between Ithkuil (a priori philosophical and logical language) and natural languages (languages evolving naturally in humans), with a purpose to also be used in everyday conversations in addition to human cognition using as very few loanwords as possible.

If you don't know Ithkuil, it was created by Jon Quijada in 1978 and published onto the Internet in 2004. It was revised in 2007 (Ilaksh), 2011 (Ithkuil III), and finally 2017 (Ithkuil IV) after complaints about the huge grammatical complexity and phonological inventory. Ituyagul is largely based on the original version. The creator of Ituyagul, Bowsertendo666, is only fluent in the phonology and grammar of the language.

Ituyagul was inspired by the obscure nominal cases of Finno-Ugric, Altaic, Basque, and North Caucasian languages, the Semitic triliteral root morphophonology, the noun classes of Tuyuca and Bantu languages, and the verb conjugation systems of Georgian, Basque, and Dagestanian languages.


  1. Phonology
  2. Orthography (incomplete)
  3. Basic Morphology
  4. Nouns
  5. Verbs
  6. Affixes
  7. Lexicon